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HIGH-END HAUL: Guerlain Meteorites

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I know this post is quite different from what I normally post about in this blog because today, I am featuring products from a high-end brand. You see, I am not a brand snob. I would be willing to try on any makeup brand. It just happens that most (maybe all) that I can afford are drugstore brands. So when an opportunity knocks for me to be able to try luxury cosmetics like these, I don't let it pass. 

So let me tell you more about my recent Guerlain haul from

I was immediately drawn to this because of how it looks. Because I am honestly a sucker for adorable packagings and this Meteorites - Light Revealing Pearls Of Powder looks totes adorable. In fact, it looks too pretty to use. I just want to put it on display but I wouldn't want to put a good- not to mention expensive - product to waste like that. 

Before I tell you more about my experience with this product, here's what it claims to do:

Geurlain’s iconic handcrafted pearls have been reinvented with a boosted illuminating power. For the first time ever, Météorites’ Pearls incorporate Guerlain’s exclusive Stardust Technology, a spherical pigment contained within each pearl, to deliver illuminating powder pearls that minimize flaws and brighten the skin. This formulation diffracts light upon contact to envelop the skin in an illuminating halo. Each lightweight shade has a specific correcting action to deliver the ultimate in luminous skin and perfectly even complexion.

This comes in four variants, Blanc De Pearle, Clair, Medium, and Dore, I got the shade Dore which is the deepest shade of the four. I've heard so much about this because this is apparently a cult favorite. They even say you'll forget about the price tag once you see what it does to your face. I would have to say it's true! It gives my skin a warm natural glow fro within. I used it as a finishing powder rather than as a setting powder. I doesn't work as a highlight because it's too subtle in my opinion to be used as such. 

I simply dust it over my face after my setting powder to give it a glow without looking dewy. I dust this where I normally put my bronzer as Dore suites golden warm skin tones so it's perfect for me when I want to add some warmth to my face. 

Overall, I highly appreciate this product for what it does but I probably wouldn't be repurchasing anytime soon because it's Php3,000 and the tub contains 30g of products which will last me quite a long time.

Meteorites Base 

Aside from the Meteorites - Light Revealing Pearls Of Powder, I also got the Meteorites Base as I haven't tried any high-end primer...ever!

So here's what it claims to do:
Météorites Base Perfecting Pearls is a color-correcting and radiance-boosting primer that smoothes your complexion. Infused with a delicate violet scent, it’s formulated with Guerlain’s signature Stardust Technology: a unique complex encapsulating a celestial powder that transforms light invisible to the naked eye into visible and soft-focus perfecting light to blur imperfections and provide exceptional radiance. The fresh gel texture melts with the rosy pearls to give skin a radiant and glowing finish, while neutralizing excess sebum. Highly concentrated pearls containing multi-colored, micro-shimmer particles amplify light reflection to illuminate your complexion. The absorbent powders neutralize excess oil while a special polymer helps to fade imperfections and smooth fine lines.

So far, during the times that I used this base these are what I noticed:

- It has a floral, classic make up scent. The one that reminds me of my childhood and my grandmother which I absolutely love.

- It has micro shimmers which perhaps adds glow to the skin. I was worried at first when I swatched this on my hand because of the shimmers but after applying my foundation none of the shimmers were visible on my face.

- This has a thin consistency that's why it doesn't feel heavy on my face.

- Once set, this feels smooth on the skin and allowed my foundation to blend much easier. 

- It did keep my face matte for the most part of the day but I didn't feel like it kept my make up intact the way I hoped it would. I saw some fading around and on the nose by the afternoon but that's something I can forgive considering the Philippine weather. I also tend to sweat on the nose that's why I kept wiping it off. 

- During the times that I wore this, I got compliments about how fresh my skin looked.

Overall, I am happy with this primer. The only qualm I have with this is the price. It's quite expensive at Php 3,500. I know, right? But if you'll have to splurge on yourself, I say this something worth trying. 

This is how both products looked on my skin. Unfortunately, it's hard to justify how they look on me with this photo as it doesn't capture it well but my skin remained matte for the most part of the day and my skin looked smoother and glowing.

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