Friday, October 17, 2014

Bobbie Cosmetics Poof! Concealer

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Last week, I shared with you my thoughts on the Bobbie Cosmetics lipsticks. You can read all about it here. Now, I'm excited to tell you all about the Bobbie Cosmetics Poof! Concealer. 

Conceals and sets in one portable kit
Blends easily to instantly cover and brighten dark spots and discoloration
Enriched with antioxidant, Vitamins C & E that help repair, soothe & brighten skin

When I first saw the Bobbie Cosmetics display, this concealer wasn't in it yet. I only came across it a few months later in Watsons (SM North, The Block). I didn't get to buy it that time but I was happy that it was available in a Mini Stop near our house. Aside from the cute pink packaging, the price really caught my attention because it costs only Php 100.00. It is available in three (3) shades CN-01 (lightest), CN- 02, and CN-03 (darkest). 


I rarely find local brand concealers in a pot like this because they usually come in tubes. The metallic pink packaging is cute and it kinda reminds me of MAC's concealer pots. It also comes with a mirror which I don't find useful at all. The small pot is great for travelling because it's very portable and doesn't take up much space in my kit. 


This doesn't have any strong scent. Thank God!


I had a little difficulty deciding on whether I'd get CN-02 or CN-03. The latter is closest to my skin tone but I chose CN-02 instead which is a little too light for me. All of the shades have a yellow undertone which makes it perfect for most Filipina skin tones. 


I was actually surprised at how thick and creamy this is. Although,  it's a tad too think that it feels dry and tricky too blend sometimes. Even though it has a matte finish, it didn't crease on me but it has a tendency to cake and accentuate dry patches if not blended well. I highly recommend moisturizing the skin especially the under eye area beforehand. It is surprisingly lightweight despite having a thick formula.


Bobbie Cosmetics Poof! Concealer has a medium to high coverage. It was able to cover up some of my blemishes and it brightened up my under eye and chin area.  I didn't use it to cover up most of my blemishes and redness because it might accentuate it even more since the shade is too light for me.  It was able to hold up the entire day wihtout fading or creasing (8 hours).


As with most of my concealers, I used my finger to blend although I think a damp blending sponge will work best. I applied a thin layer for a more natural seamless look. This is buildable although overdoing it might cause creasing and caking. 

Left:  Bare face  Right: With concealer
Without foundation just concealer

Overall, this is an inexpensive concealer with good coverage. It is a great product to have in your kit especially if you are on a budget. I just wish they have more shades to choose from and are available in all department stores. I am going to repurchase but a different shade next time. 

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  1. Im checking out their testers but i find it a little too drying for me.. Anyway, if its creamy i might check it out again.. Im almost out of my sansan hd concealer and id like to try this one out

  2. Finally found this! I was randomly looking for inexpensive coffee and I passed by a mini stop at Valero. :D

    Fun! I want to buy all the lipsticks. Hirap lang to know which ones are matte and what the actual colors are. I remember in your last review that some of the colors don't look exactly that in the tube. - @scatterb_rae_n