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Cheddar Burst Boulevard

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I am just thrilled to share with you a new burger joint my husband and I got to try last night in Quezon City. It's called Cheddar Burst Boulevard. My friends and I have been planning to check the place out and try their burgers since they opened last April but haven't gotten the chance nor the time to meet up. Last night while we were thinking where to hang out and bond, my husband suggested we go ahead and try it out already. 

That's my hubby and daughter on the left and that's AC (the owner) 

Cheddar Burst Boulevard is located at #13 Chico St. Proj. 2. Brgy. Q-2A, Quezon City. It is actually the owner's garage which he turned into a small dining area. At first, it looks like those typical family merienda business. There are only a couple of tables and chairs laid out in the garage. It's really nothing fancy. Just a simple laid back kind of atmosphere. There's no fancy sign board up ,just a tarpaulin bearing their Cheddar Burst Blvd. logo. 

I honestly think the arrangement can still be improved (something which the owner said is next on his plans) but don't let their unassuming set up stop you from trying out their best-selling burgers because you really are in for a surprise! 

D'Original Juicy Lucy

Their best-selling burgers are called Juicy Lucy which is basically burgers with a quarter pound 100% pure beef patties stuffed with cheddar cheese. 
Jucy Lucy [sic] or Juicy Lucy is a cheeseburger that has the cheese inside the meat patty in addition to on top. A piece of cheese is surrounded by raw meat and cooked until it melts, resulting in a molten core of cheese within the patty. This scalding hot cheese tends to gush out at the first bite, so servers frequently warn patrons to let the burger cool for a few minutes before consumption to avoid injury. - Wikipedia
Sounds delicious? It tastes even better! The  melted cheddar cheese oozes out of the patty at first bite hence the name Cheddar Burst. It's super juicy we needed to use disposable plastic gloves which they do give their diners.

According to AC, owner and chef, the concept of Juicy Lucy burgers hailed from Minneapolis. I had to ask since it's our first encounter with a cheese-stuffed burger patty.  I tried the D'Original Juicy Lucy which is a quarter pound cheese-stuffed beef patty topped with a delicious home-made coleslaw and  freshly baked toasted buns. Hubby got the American Juicy Lucy, a quarter pound cheese-stuffed beef patty served with fresh tomatoes, lettuce, onions in a freshly baked toasted bun. 

American Juicy Lucy
Normally, I find cheddar cheese salty but the ones inside are surprisingly not. Hubby and I both agreed that their burgers aside from being juicy, are very tasty but not overwhelmingly tasty. We're not burger connoisseurs but we know a great burger when we eat one and these definitely are! The price is very affordable too considering the quality you'd get. We paid Php 115.00 for the D'Original Juicy Lucy and Php 119.00 for the 1/4 pound American Juicy Lucy. 

Don Earl's Fries
(photo taken from
We, well the little girl and I, were just a little bummed that we weren't able to try the Don Earl's fries. It would have gone so well with our burgers. But aside from that, we walked out of there happy and full. 

If you're dying to try something new this weekend, I would highly recommend Cheddar Burst Boulevard. When you get there, you'll be greeted warmly and will be served with one of the juiciest burgers you'll ever eat. You'll definitely walk out bursting with satisfaction.

For more info and mouth-watering photos, please check out their Facebook Page
or visit them from Monday to Sunday (schedule below) at
 #13 Chico St. Proj. 2. Brgy. Q-2A, Quezon City 

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