Saturday, March 1, 2014

Why I Love Wearing Lipsticks and Why I Think You Should Too

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Lipsticks are probably one of the oldest accessories worn by women. As a matter of fact, women in ancient Mesopotamia are believed to have invented lipstick. They used crushed semi-precious jewels to adorn their lips and eyes. Even Cleopatra, the very famous ancient Egyptian queen , made her lipstick from crushed carmine beetles and ants.

And even until today,  lipsticks are considered as one of the most important fashion items. They are affordable, easy to use, dramatic, and sometimes, believe it or not,  life-changing. Many lipstick brands compete to be the best worldwide by continuously inventing new colors, textures, and finishes. 

Lipsticks have indeed changed women's style and outlook in life. Some women use lipstick as part of their daily outfits or OOTD, some use it for health purposes. I, a certified lipstick lover, use it for both reasons and probably some more. Lipsticks have been my companion, like a best friend, in any event in my life. For me, it gives me much more than just add color to my lips. So I thought I'd list down the reasons why I love wearing lipsticks and why I think you should too.

1. BEAUTY - To be honest, the first reason why I love wearing lipsticks is vanity. I love how a lipstick shade quickly transforms my look depending on my mood. It is one of the easiest and fastest ways to transform my appearance. I can be natural, sweet, sexy, or sultry - even vampy. I can create a whole different look just by changing my lipstick color. Lips, aside from eyes, are the most important focal points of your face so it's very important to pay extra attention to them. Lipsticks also help accentuate your smile for that friendly face.

2. MOISTURE - Most lipstick brands nowadays are very aware of providing our lips with hydration. They've even added Vitamin E and Aloe, some even have SPF just to preserve our lips' natural supple state. My lips tend to get dry a lot (probably  because I don't drink much water as I need to) so I go for lipsticks that give my lips moisture aside from  beautiful color. Practically,  lipsticks  are good for your lips because they keep them moisturized and protected from the wind and sun. I am not  fan of cracked, dry lips and neither should you!

3. CONFIDENCE - I love wearing red lipsticks because it makes me feel sexy and confident. I think anyone who has the guts to wear a bold lip color especially in broad daylight must have some courage and confidence  - and nothing is more sexy than a woman who is courageous and confident. Whatever lip color or finish (bold, dramatic, sweet, matte, sheer, glossy), a lipstick can make you instantly feel more beautiful. And feeling beautiful will give you that confidence boost you need to feel great and succeed throughout the day. 

So whether you want to stand out in a crowd, be more beautiful, add some hydration to your lips, or boost your confidence, lipstick is a perfect accessory or fashion tool for you! If a simple lipstick can make you feel good about yourself then by all means, I say wear it and flaunt it. 

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  1. Indeed... It really tranform into a new you.. I wore lipstick as well, even Im at home..^^

  2. Indeed, it can add a boost of confidence :) Your lipstick posts have helped me find pocket friendly and nice lipsticks.

  3. I just recently fell in love with lipsticks. I always do the makeup and forgt about the lips because I feel like it looks unnatural. When I finally foubd the shade that fits me it made me want to try more. Now, I am trying to get the guts to wear bold colors. ;) Thanks for giving me more reaspn to wear it. ;)

    1. No problem sis! When you find that shade that makes you feel confident and beautiful, wear it and flaunt it. :)