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Touching Moments with Joy with a Touch of Olay

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Because March is Women's Month, P&G celebrates the lives and experiences of women by giving it more importance and thought. This also includes the everyday challenges women everywhere encounter when it comes to doing household chores. Everyday, most women especially mothers have to wash dishes, iron clothes, do the laundry, and clean the house on top of their demanding roles and careers - and that really is Tough Love.

Have the softest hands even with the toughest jobs at home.

That's why yesterday (March 5, 2014) at the Blue Leaf-Silk Pavilion in Taguig,  P&G  highlighted and refreshed the trials of housework through the Tough Love event featuring Joy with a Touch of Olay, a latest dishwashing variant of P&G Joy. 

P&G Brand Communications Leader Anna Legarda said that Joy with the Touch of Olay strives to take care of women. It is formulated with Vitamin E that helps repair the skin and nourishes the hands by locking in the skin's moisture. Joy with Olay does not dry the hands, making them "touching-moment" ready.

Dishwashing, like ironing, doing the laundry and cleaning the house, is tiring and sometimes draining task. There is nothing more stressful than coming home to a pile of dirty dishes on the sink after a long day. Doing the dishes can make your hands wrinkly and dry afterwards. But now with the help of Joy with a Touch of Olay, women don't have to suffer from dry hands after washing a pile of dishes. It is especially formulated to help maintain moisture while retaining the superior grease-fighting power we've seen from all Joy variants.

My doubts about the moisturizing properties of Joy with a Touch of Olay were put to rest when I, together with members of the media, mommy bloggers, and Mariel Rodriguez-Padilla, underwent four different household challenges including chopping vegetables, squeezing lemons, opening cans and bottles the old-fashioned way, and dishwashing. I was tasked to wash the dishes with Mariel!

I was so nervous because aside from doing the laundry, dishwashing is my least favorite house chore. I would rather cook than do the dishes. I'm not fond of washing greasy plates and utensils especially when I have freshly manicured nails because my nail polish gets chipped and my hands get very dry after. 

Bubbly Mariel still very pretty even when washing dishes
Washing the dishes in 5 minutes with Mariel and with an audience was very challenging and nerve-wracking but I  enjoyed every second. It didn't feel like a chore because Mariel was super fun to be with. I was amazed at how good Joy with a Touch of Olay smells and how soft my hands felt after. 

The very pretty Mariel Padilla showing off her soft hands
even after doing the dishes.
Surely every dedicated and hardworking woman will appreciate the pampering feel and comfort this products gives. It helps to have a product that will make us feel indulged and pampered as we do our daily household chores. I really felt the the difference that Joy with a Touch of Olay makes. Doing the dishes will never be the same again. Indeed we can do all the tough jobs, but still have the softest hands and be "touching-moment" ready all the time. 

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