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The Appraisery: Clothes. Collectibles. Coffee


Who would have thought that inside the unassuming old Marikina Shoe Expo, now known as Cubao X to some, is a collection of quaint businesses aside from shoe stores. There's  ukay-ukay, art shops, thrift shops, galleries, restaurants, bars, and a coffee shop. There's definitely a lot of interesting and unique shops inside. Last Thursday, I, together with some of my blogger friends, got to check out a very homey coffee shop called The Appraisery

In a nutshell, The Appraisery is a foodie, gamer, collector,  fashionista, bargain-hunter, and coffee lover's heaven. Victor Prieto, owner and quite a chatter-box, describes it as a place that represents all of his  many interests. There's food, fashion, games, art, music, and coffee which most likely be made by Victor himself because he also happens to be the barista. 

Victo Prieto
The shop has a very home-y feel because Victor gives a very personal approach to his customers. He treats them as friends and even lets them  play with his wide collection of games for free as long as they purchase anything from the menu.  He was even playing with one of his loyal patrons when we arrived. 

board games, collectibles, and loyal customers/friends
There is something for everyone at The Appraisery. If you're not much of a gamer, they also sell pre-loved designer clothes which were appraised by their official "appraiser" or fashion stylist. I even saw an Isaac Mizrahi blazer being sold for Php 800.00 only. 
clothes, shoes, bags, and even accesories can be found at The Appraisery
If fashion is not your thing, you can chill out, read a book or listen to great music while sipping a cup or two of their delicious caffeine concoctions.

Aside from the games, clothes, art, music and books, The Appraisery is a not your ordinary and typical coffee shop. Victor is very much proud to share with us his profound knowledge of and passion for coffee. We got to try some of their signature and popular coffee-based drinks which were made using only the best locally grown beans from all over the Philippines.  

The cafe's most popular concoction is called the Kumbaya which is a coffee-based drink with layers of marshmallows,  graham crackers, and  a shot of espresso. The owner shared that this drink was inspired by the warm, fun campfire experience hence the title Kumbaya. Tasting it made me want to sway and sing Kumbaya. It's delicious!

We also tried their Mocha Frappe which is also good but what I really loved is the drink called The Michelle. It's a hot drink that has a hint of ginger and cinnamon in it. It reminds me of eggnog (the Christmas drink). It's so delicious and comforting. It's something I imagine drinking on a cold rainy afternoon. Aside from coffee, they also serve coffee-based and non-coffee-based cocktails.

Chicken, Avocado, & Pesto Triple Decker (Php 175)

We also got to try their offering of gourmet sandwiches which are served with cassava chips, a rather healthier version of potato chips, on the side. Their Chicken, Avocado, & Pesto Triple Decker is to die for. I never really imagined putting avocado in my sandwiches since I am used to eating it with milk and sugar. It  surprisingly worked well with the refreshing pesto, savory chicken and cheese. 

Sushi Sandwich (Php 185)
The Sushi Sandwich is another unusual offering at The Appraisery. This is a plate of eight rolled sandwiches with two variants (one's veggie and one's ham) served with cassava chips and garlic aioli dip which we all loved.

Pull Pork Sandwich (Php220)

One of my favorites is the sandwich called Pull Pork Sandwich or sometimes called, according to Victor, as the "Big Mig" which is a combination of 23 different flavors. The pulled pork is topped with a spicy dressing with mustard and cumin. It has the Mediterranean/ Indian taste that I love. 

Oregon Tuna Melt (Php 150)
Grilled Veggie Panini (Php120)
They also offer Oregon Tuna Melt sandwich and Grilled Veggie Panini. In additon to their savory Paninis they also have the Sweet Grilled Panini which more like is a dessert sandwich with marshmallows and other heavenly sweet goodness inside. 

Being a passionate barista, Victor also showed us how to make a cup of espresso which frankly was my first time to see how it's done. He has so much passion in making the perfect cup of espresso that an Italian customer (Italians KNOW their espresso)  dubbed The Appraisery's espresso as the best one in town. 

Beautiful clothes, fun games, great coffee, and scrumptious food are reasons to definitely visit The Appraisery in Cubao Expo but what I  (which probably all of his loyal customers) would come back to is the homey and friendly ambiance the shop has. 

Its laid back feel and personal, intimate customer service approach is something I don't get to see everyday. As a customer, nothing makes me feel more special and valued than when the owner himself/herself comes by to say Hi! and ask us how we liked our meal. Oh, one time my brother went to The Appraisery alone and Victor himself taught him how to play Netrunner. This is place where you can definitely walk in alone and come out with new friends. 

with The Appraisery's owner, Victor , and my blogger friends
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  1. Love how you were able to capture Victor in his non-chatterbox moment! I've got to give it to them, the concept was really cool, though I wasn't able to try the Kumbaya. Well there would always be a reason to go back there. Oh and thanks for posting photos of us at the shop!