Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Sample Room and Colour Collection's Hot Hues Event


How are you all doing? I hope you're all having a blast.

Last Saturday, Colour Collection definitely made its mark on me during the Hot Hues event held at Holiday Inn Suites' Oz Bar in Makati City. It was a great afternoon dedicated to beauty as the venue was filled with beautiful women. 

Upon registration, we were asked to choose a lipstick shade from their Ultimate Wear Lipsticks, put it on, and leave our mark (well, kiss mark) on the "Make Your Mark" board. 

Sitting just a few steps from that was Zandra Villagracia, the very talented artist who painted these beautiful artworks using lipsticks. Amazing, right? 

This is one of her 3 beautiful artworks which were raffled off during the event. I wanted to win one so bad but I wasn't lucky enough to get to bring home one (huhuhu...).  

Each table during the event was filled with Colour Collection make up goodies we all got to try. Of course I was very excited to try all the lipsticks on our table. If I have 12 pairs of lips, I would have worn them all at once. But I don't so I'd have to settle for swatches on my hand instead. 

Some of the first few shades of Ultimate Wear Lipsticks. My fave is Plum Promise (top) 
Colour Collection showcased the latest shades of Ultimate Wear Lipsticks namely Head Turner, Temptress, Queen Bee, Bellissima, and Angelic. Sorry I didn't get to swatch them but I will post a review on these lipsticks soon. One of the event's highlights, for me, was meeting the ever so fabulous  Bianca Valerio who is also Colour Collection's chief make up artist. 

She taught us different lipstick techniques for the season's lip trends. She demonstrated how we can all wear the latest lipstick trend from Coral Lips to Ombre Lip to Grunge.

I really enjoyed learning many tricks from her.  Her demonstration was fun and very entertaining because she's a perfect combination of class, wit, and humor. I never knew she's very funny and beki! And that made me love her even more! 

Before the event ended, we all got to participate in a fun game where we are asked to create our own lipstick shade/art, post it on Instagram, and the winner will get to take home more Colour Collection goodies!

Here's Maica of Pinay Beauty in a Budget creating a heart on her lips. I'm so happy to have met her there because she's super nice and fun to be with. 

And here's Karen, the very pretty and sweet soon-to-be mommy I also met at the event. I think she looks like Valerie Concepcion.  

It was a very fun and memorable event and  to be in the same room as these beautiful ladies is indeed an honor. Na-starstruck talaga ako ng bonggels! I was too shy to join the group pic so I just took a photo of them. 

Here's our photo op with THE Bianca Valerio :)

Karen, me, Bianca, and Maica
Thank you very much to the whole team of Sample Room and  Colour Collection 
for having Mom Gone Vain in this event!

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  1. Karen looks like Valerie Concepcion nga! Haha so artistahin. You're so lucky to have met Bianca Valerio in person. Her hair and outfit reminded me of Poison Ivy! Both hot and good looking. :D

    1. Diba? hehhe! pretty preggy talaga. I feel so lucky nga. I told her na she's like Uma Thurman as Poison Ivy. She said she got that a lot. But during the event someone told her she's like Ariel naman. hehehe!

  2. Aw, sayang hindi talaga nakita yung heart. :D Hahaha! It was so nice meeting you dear, sa uulitin!

    1. Oo nga eh. Nice meeting you too. Sana magkita pa ulit tayo sa future vents. heheh! :)