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Lipstick 101: Lipstick Finish

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With all the lipsticks that cosmetics brand come out with, it can be bit overwhelming and difficult, especially if you're a make up newbie, to know the difference of each lipstick from one another. There are hundreds of different shades in the market today and not all shades appear the same way on your lips as it does in the tube because of the finish.

It is very important that you know which kind of lipstick finish works great for you because next to the eyes, the lips catch people's attention. So here's a simple guide on the different lipstick finishes out there.

1. Matte

Matte finish lipsticks have no shine or sheen. They are also most often long-wearing as compared to the other finishes. These appear opaque, smooth, and velvety on the lips. The only problem with matte finish lipsticks is that it can be drying after a few hours. It is best to prime the lips with a lip balm to keep it hydrated for a longer time. I think bold striking colors like bright and deep red look better with a matte finish. 

If you're out on a date or would want to look good for a man opt for a natural or pink matte lipstick. According to Bianca Valerio, Colour Collection's chief make up artist, men appreciate or prefer matte lips on women  than super glossy lips. 

You can try Fashion 21 All Day Matte lipsticks, Nichido Matte lipsticks, and Ever Bilena Matte lipsticks. Wet n Wild Megalast lipsticks are among the best mattes I've tried.

2. Satin/Creamy

Satin is my favorite finish. They're moisturizing and feels incredible on the lips. It  also gives a delicate sheen that makes it perfect for natural everyday shades. Although some deeper shades still look good in this kind of finish. Most satin and creamy lipsticks have great pigmentation. With this finish, you can have long-wearing, opaque lipsticks without the dryness. The only downside to this type of finish is that it can bleed into the lip lines especially with darker shades. Using a lip liner of the same shade can help prevent bleeding. 

You can try  Fashion 21 Color Mood lipsticks, Nichido HD lipsticks, and Colour Collection Vitamin E Satin lipsticks.

3. Glossy

Glossy lipsticks have a lot of shine. It may be shimmery, frosted, or plain. This type of finish looks best with women with thin lips as the gloss/shine can make lips look fuller. It also reduces the appearance of lines on the  lips. Some glossy lipsticks may appear less opaque that others. Glossy lipsticks does not last long because it easily transfers when your drink or eat.  

You can try Ever Bilena Shine Lipsticks.

4. Sheer

Sheer lipsticks provide sheen but with very little color. Most sheer lipsticks give the lips some light wash of color which is preferred by women who are after a more natural understated look. The color may last longer than gloss but not as long-lasting as a satin/cream lipstick. Most sheer lipsticks appear more opaque on the tube than on the lips. 

Nichido and Aido Cosmetics has some nice sheer lipstick selection you can try. 

5. Frosted

Frosted lipsticks are pigmented but have a shimmery, metallic look on the lips. I find that this finish accentuates the lines on my lips even more. Sometimes the frost appears silver when light reflects on it but some appear to be golden. Frost finish lipsticks are better suited for younger women. 

Wet n wild has some frosted lipsticks in their Silk Finish line. I also saw some frosted lipsticks from Nichido, Fashion 21 and Ever Bilena.

6. Shimmer

Shimmery finish lipsticks are creamy or glossy lipsticks that contain particles that reflect light. There are some lipsticks that have very fine shimmer some have glitter chunks in them. People who like to play up their lip color or draw more attention to their lips prefer this type of finish. Sometimes the micro particles or glitters are left on the lips even if the lipstick has worn off.   

Pinkies Collection has some shimmery lipsticks in their collection.

Not all lipstick finishes work well for everybody. I personally prefer matte and satin lipsticks because I am after opaque, highly-saturated lip colors. It is best to know which type of finish you like or looks good on you. If you're a mom with a very active toddler, you might want to stay away from glossy lipsticks because they can be easily smudged. I like using tints, or mattes to avoid smeared lipstick all over my face.

Again, these only serve as a guide. The best lipstick (whether shade or finish) for you is still the one that makes you feel beautiful and confident.

I hope you found this post helpful.

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  1. i love matte finish on my lips =)

    1. I love mattes too. Well, semi-mattes to be exact. :)

  2. Love this article! I didn't know any other finishes beyond satin/glossy/matte haha! Maybe you can also feature your favorites in each category? Would love to see your recommendations.

    1. Hmmm... Oo nga noh. Sure will update this soon :) Thanks for the suggestion :)