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Lipstick 101: How to Shop For Lipsticks


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My friends would sometimes ask my help in buying lipsticks. Of course, I am always very happy and excited to help out because it's a great bonding activity and lipstick shopping always make me giddy! But since I rarely get to go out now, I thought I'd just share with you some of my lipstick shopping tips.

1. Determine what color suits your skin tone (guide here) and what kind of lipstick finish you like (guide here). If you find these technicalities tedious, it's perfectly fine to skip these and go straight to shopping right away.

2. Try before you buy. I have fallen many times to the mistake of not trying on a lipstick before buying it only to come home disappointed. As in the words of Michelle Phan "Never judge a lipstick by its bullet.". The only way to tell if a lipstick suits you is to try them on your lips or skin because lipstick reacts and appears differently on different skin tones. That's why I always try any lipstick I am interested in on my lips. That's the only way I can tell if I like it on me. If you find applying testers on your lips too unhygienic, here's what you can do:
Colour Collection Ultimate Lipstick swatches
  • Swatch all of the lipstick shades on your hands first. Then, try on only the shades that stood out to you. That way, you don't end up trying all on your lips.
  • With a tissue, wipe the lipstick bullet before  putting it on and wipe it again after.
  • If you don't like using it directly on your lips, you can use your lip brush or a Q-tip instead.

3. Start with a blank canvass. Remove the previous lip color before trying on another. If you do not remove the previous lip color completely, it will mix with the shade you're trying on next. This might give you a completely different shade. You can always ask the SA for a make up remover if you don't have make up remover wipes with you. (It's best to bring make up remover wipes whenever you plan on shopping for make up.)

4. Consider the lighting. Most department stores today have yellow lighting. I have also made the mistake of trying on a lipstick, loving it, and coming home with a slightly different shade than what I've tried. Yellow light changes the appearance of colors on your hands or lips. Once you've tried it on, look for a spot with white or natural light to check how it looks and that's the true shade of the lipstick.

5. Wear minimal make up. If it's possible, wear minimal make up when shopping for lipsticks. You might not be able to appreciate a particular shade if clashes with your eye shadow or your blush. Having little to no make up will help you appreciate the lipstick shade on its own. 

6. Ask for assistance. It is always best to tag a shopping buddy along to give you some honest opinion especially if you're having a hard time deciding on a particular shade. If you're shopping alone, don't be afraid to ask SA's for help. They can also help you in choosing a shade that suits you or give some feedback on your lipstick choices. 

I hope this post helps.

Thanks for dropping by and Happy shopping!

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