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Colour Collection Ultimate Wear Lipstick

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When I got an invitation for Colour Collection's Hot Hues event last March 1 (read about my experience here), I was over the moon because it's a brand known for their quality products and because yes, you guessed it right, I LOVE LIPSTICKS! I am so thankful for the whole experience because I met awesome ladies (Hi! Maica and Karen.), learned from the make up goddess herself, Bianca Valerio, and got to take home lots of goodies including these Ultimate Wear Lipsticks. 

Achieve rich, longwearing color that glides on smoothly and doesn’t fade away easily. Always hydrating and never drying, this high-cushioned lipstick keeps lips moisturized all day, minimizes the appearance of fine lines, and stops feathering to give lips the perfect plumped-up appearance. Slim and handy, with a see through window for easy identification.


These Ultimate Wear Lipsticks claim to give rich, long-wearing lip color that glides on smoothly. Although I got these for free from the event these can be purchased from your friendly neighborhood direct sellers. These are priced at Php 350.00 for a tube of 2.4g of product. You can grab their latest shades (Temptress, Queen Bee, Bellissima, Angelic, Head Turner) for free from Sample Room. If I am not mistaken,  there are 13 shades in this line including the shades I mentioned.  


I love the sleek and slim black packaging with a see-through window in the middle. This makes identifying the shade so much easier. It's lightweight but feels sturdy enough. I like that the tube clicks in place when I twist it down therefore I don't have to worry about it twisting up accidentally inside my kit. I hate it when that happens because I literally get sad when my lipsticks break. 


There's a light candy/vanilla-ish scent which I love. Don't you just love it when lipsticks smell good? These definitely do.


The shades I currently have from their first release are Naked Peach, Love Me, Kiss & Tell, and Plum Promise while I have Temptress, Queen Bee, Bellissima, Angelic, and Head Turner , their latest summer shades. Here's what I think about each shade:

Naked Peach - is a peachy nude that later turns into a peachy pink on my lips. Of all the shades I have, this one appears more feathery on my lips. It kind of highlights the lines and dry skin. 

Love Me - is an MLBB shade which is like a mauvey pink that turns slightly deeper after a few minutes on my lips. 

Kiss & Tell - is a  warm shade of pink. It is not very striking but still gives my face a pop of color. 

Plum Promise - this is my favorite of all the shades. It is a deep plum that can look vampy when layered on and can give your lips a light wash of plum color when applied sheer. It also leaves a nice tint on my lips. 

Temptress - is a gorgeous deep red that's great for a romantic date. This is probably one of my faves in their Hot Hues Summer shades.

Queen Bee - is a bright red shade that will sure make you look like one powerful Queen Bee. I still have to get used to wearing this kind of red.

Bellissima - is one of my faves too. It's a bright coral shade  (appears to be red orange on me) that's perfect for summer. This really brightens up my face.

Angelic - is a soft rosy pink/nude that's great for a fresher look. I like this one too but I just wish it doesn't turn into a deeper pink on my lips.

Head Turner - is bright pink that will surely turn heads. I think this looks best with fair-skinned women. 

These lipsticks have good color payoff  although not all have the same level of opacity. Plum Promise applies a bit more sheer. I had to layer on a few more swipes to achieve the intensity that I want. When the lipstick fades, it leaves a pink tint and sometimes a red orange tint (Bellissima) on the lips.


These glide on smoothly on the lips and are fairly moisturizing. I didn't experience any tugging upon application nor any dryness after a few hours. The lipsticks themselves are not as long lasting as I hoped they would be maybe because of the glossy finish but they do leave a stain on the lips that lasts quite long just don't eat anything too oily. Some shades tend to fade unevenly leaving a lip ring around my lips.   I think these are like the Magic Lipsticks that adapts to the body's natural chemicals and leaves a long-lasting stain only these have different colors at first. 

L to R: Naked Peach, Angelic, Love Me, Head Turner, Kiss & Tell, Bellissima, Temptress, Queen Bee, Plum Promise
Here's Bellissima on my lips after 5 hours of wearing it. I ate, ran errands, took a nap and the color (stain) is still there. 

I have mixed emotions for these lipsticks. Some of my disappointments come from the staining effect especially with the light shades. For example, I love the  original shade of Naked Peach but after a few minutes and it has reacted to my skin, it changes into a deeper pink. It looks pink underneath and peach on top I noticed this too with Angelic and Love Me. I like, however, the darker shades like Head Turner, Temptress, Bellissima, and Plum Promise because the color change is hardly recognizable. They leave a deep pink stain. 

I still think this is a great product to try. Just choose the deeper shades like Temptress, Bellissima, and Kiss & Tell. The price is fair considering how comfortable it feels and the staining effect (if you like stains). 

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