Tuesday, February 11, 2014

New Nichido Volume Lash mascara

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If you follow me on Instagram (I hope you are. If not yet, you can follow me at @momgonevain . Thank you!), you've probably seen my post about the new mascaras from Nichido Cosmetics. When I first saw them, the packaging immediately reminded me of Maybelline mascaras. Hoping that they'd perform as well as Maybelline's, I decided to purchase one and see if I'd like it. I got the Volume Lash Mascara and here's what I think about it.


Have a spectacular fanned-out lash effect to attract everyone!

Contains Vitamin B5 

Contains Vitamin B5 that conditions and dramatically thickens, lengthens, curls, and sculpts lashes with each stoke.


Nichido has 4 new mascaras which came out just last month. These new mascaras boast to give fuller and longer lashes. They even joined in the HD bandwagon with their own High Definition Quick Dry Mascara. Price points are Php 228.00 for the Long Lash False Lash Effect Mascara and Volume Lash Mascara; Php 288.00 for The 7X Volume Curl Mascara and the HD Mascara. According to the SA, 7X Volume Mascara is their best seller. 


I have to commend Nichido for their packaging. Even if this is very similar to Maybelline mascaras, I still think it's great that they are stepping up their game in terms of packaging. The wands are made with rubber bristles which supposedly help get the product up to the base of the lashes and to lessen clumping. 


Fortunately, this does not have any bothering scent.


To be honest, this is the first time I am sharing my thoughts about a mascara. It's a little difficult to "review" mascaras because it's the most subjective product in my opinion. Mascaras may work well or not depending on the length and fullness of ones natural lashes. Anyway, I will try my best to show this mascara's effect on my lashes. 

The formula is not too thick. The brush was able to coat my lashes in one stroke. Although, it did not give me the "blackness" that I am after. I had to apply a few more coats to achieve the look/fullness that I want. There's a little clumping but that's not an issue for me. I actually like a little "clumpage" since I have short and thin lashes. The clumping makes my lashes look fuller in my opinion. 

So that being said, this is not totally clump-free but as for staying power, this lasted all day on my lashes. It did not smudge on me either and I didn't see any fall-outs.  Clean up is a breeze. I was able to remove it with my cleansing foam. I don't really like wearing extremely waterproof mascaras because they're so difficult to remove and I hate having to rub my eyes to get them off. 

Overall, I am happy with this product but I am not over-the-moon with it. I think this does a pretty good job at giving my lashes some volume but it's not something that "WOW-ed" me because I had to layer on a few coats to achieve the fullness you see in my picture. If you are not a fan of clumpy lashes this might not be the product you'd want to try because this is not totally clump-free. This is smudge-proof but not water-proof which makes removing it a lot easier. For Php 228.00, this is a product you can use everyday especially if you just want to add some volume to your lashes. 

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  1. OMG I saw these as well and I was really impressed with the packaging. I wouldn't say they flat-out copied anyone but most makeup companies even in the states/uk do this as well so I don't really care. :P The SA was wearing the 7x and it really was great on her. I also like a little clumping 'coz my lashes are sparse and I really like it on you! ;)

    1. Thanks CJ! Yes. Even if they somehow copied Maybelline's design I think it still looks great. I am planning on buying the 7x volume next time since the SA said it's they best-seller.