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Ever Bilena Shade Lipstick

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Recently, I subjected myself to a no-buy phase for lipsticks. I already have waaaaay too many and I wanted to use them more often. They do expire so I don't want a perfectly gorgeous lipstick to go to waste just because I wasn't able to use it. I thought I was doing well until I saw Sunshine Cruz's IG account where she posted a photo of the new Ever Bilena lipsticks to come out soon. I knew right then that I had to check them out once they come out so I made a little exception to the rule. Here they are.


According to the Ever Bilena SA, these just came out last week. I don't really know how to call them so I assumed they're called  "Shade" lipstick since it says "shade" on the tube. There are 12 shades under this collection starting form pinks up to some deeper shades. The finishes are semi-matte, glossy, and shimmery. There are more reds in this collection. I'm kinda disappointed that there's no nude shade thrown in there. These are sold for Php 95.00 a pop! A very, very affordable price for a lipstick.Ever Bilena is a pretty popular brand so you will definitely be able to find this is leading department stores, supermarkets, and direct sellers.


This is what's disappointing about this product. I guess Ever Bilena is scrimping on the packaging just to maintain a very affordable price point. But for these lipsticks, I am willing to pay Php 150.00 or even a little more. So I hope they'd think of repackaging this since I am very impressed with these lipsticks. The material and the design are just too... well... tacky.


Aside form the packaging, this is another let-down. The scent is very synthetic. I can't quite put my finger on what it smells like. Thankfully, it fades and disappears after a while.


The first shade that caught my eye is Dazzling Orchid, a gorgeous deep purple with a glossy finish but not too glossy that it becomes very sheer.  I was surprised at how pigmented this showed on my lips. This is also the first plum lipstick I've seen by any local brand. When I got home, I noticed that this shade has a clear center while the other shade that I got has a white one. I then realized that the glossy finish is attributed to the product in the center. The lipsticks with  clear centers have a sheen or glossy finish. The ones with a white center have a semi-matte finish.

I also got Foxy Garnet, a very muted shade of red that has a hint of orange and brown. This looked so much lighter when I tried it on the store but turned out to be a lot darker in natural light.  A shade anyone can wear from day to night. This actually remind me of Siennas from their Matte Lipstick collection. This has a semi-matte finish unlike Dazzling Orchid that has a bit more sheen. 


Because of the balm-y center, these glide on really well. Dazzling Orchid made the inner part of my lips chap a little but not something that looked horrible and felt uncomfortable. The color still looked vibrant after 3 hours on my lips without eating and drinking. Although when I ate, the inner part faded and it looked uneven (Dazzling Orchid). Also when I looked closer at my lips, I saw that it settled on the fine lines but from afar it's hardly noticeable. (still talking about DO). Dazzling Orchid is like a gloss and lipstick in one.  I actually wish Dazzling Orchid has a semi-matte finish instead. That would have been super gorgeous. 

(L) Dazzling Orchid has more sheen than (R) Foxy Garnet
Formula-wise, I like Foxy Garnet more because it's very moisturizing and comfortable to wear. The color appeared very opaque and I didn't experience any chapping in the inner part of my lips. This didn't settle on the fine lines and  lasted a bit loner on my lips unlike DO. I love formula and opacity of this one a whole lot. For its price, that's actually impressive. 

Here's how they look on me. 
Note that the lipsticks appear lighter in the picture than in person.

Dazzling Orchid
Foxy Garnet

This would have had a perfect score if  not for the packaging and the scent. These are very pigmented and moisturizing on the lips. I don't mind paying a little more for a decent, classy packaging. Php 95.00 is very affordable, though. The scent is not appalling but it's not endearing either. I wish this has a different scent or no scent at all. I love the semi-matte finish (white center) over the glossy ones (clear center). These are definitely worth checking out if you ask me.  

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  1. sana meron sa watsons at mercury drugstore! i want that plum lippie!

    1. I think they have in Watsons. I'm not sure kung meron sa Mercury.

    2. got the rosy mirage and it is love at first swipe hihi

  2. Replies
    1. Yes it is! It's a very versatile shade. The semi-matte formula is great too. :)

  3. Great review! And yes, Ever Bilena is an affordable & reliable local brand. I'm just getting into lipsticks recently, and I'm trying to hoard more. LOL Thanks for this. Really helpful :)

    1. Ever Bilena products are very affordable and they do have quality products. Their lipsticks are so affordable they are really meant for hoarding! hahaha! :)

  4. I so much love the foxy garnet, I'll take note to check it out when I go to SM these days :-)

  5. The red one is beautiful! I'm gonna go hunt for this one!