Monday, February 24, 2014

30 Days of Lipstick Challenge Day 5: Reds

Hi! Guys.

I forgot to post my 30 Days of Lipstick Day 5 photo yesterday. It was kind of a busy Sunday for me. In the morning, my sisters and I went to Divisoria to buy some party stuff for Yomi's 2nd Birthday. If you are planning a DIY Birthday party on a budget, Divi's the place to go to. We found super cute paper plates for 35 Pesos (10 pcs), paper cups for 25 Pesos (10 pcs), and  letter balloons for 12 Pesos each. It's a DIY party planner's  and a practical mom's heaven. :) And for dinner, my husband and I met some friends in Greenbelt and went home around midnight so I wasn't able to post anymore.

Anyway enough with my ramblings, this is DAY 5: REDS.

Tadah! Here's my humble red lipstick collection. I think this makes up most of my collection. (correction: this does not make up most of my collection. I have pinks than red lipstick as of the moment. ) I am a huge lover of red lipsticks because it makes me feel sexy and confident. It's also my go-to shade when I am lazy to put any eye make up on. It gives me an instant polished look. Red lipstick is just so timeless and elegant in my opinion. It will never go out of style. I think every woman can rock a red lipstick no matter what skin tone she has.
Here ate some selfies of me rocking red lips. :)

That's it for Day 5: Reds! 

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  1. Love the layout of the red lippies! And bow ako sayo mommy, swatching all of that is really hard and time consuming!

    1. Thanks sis! Yes it's really time consuming :) And not to mention, a little harsh on the lips. But all for the love of blogging! :)