Thursday, February 20, 2014

30 Days of Lipstick Challenge Day 1: Favorite Lipstick Brand

Hi Friends!

If you follow me on IG, I'm sure you all know that I just recently finished doing the #30daysofbeauty challenge. The task is to post photos of beauty stuff for 30 days. Each day has a specific category or item. For example, Day 1: Favorite Lipstick so I posted a photo of my favorite lipstick. I did this challenge everyday for 30 days and I was able to finish it! Some of my IG friends were kinda sad that it was over. I guess they like looking at make up pics as much as I do too. Anyway, I was also kinda sad it was over so I decided to make my own version and I call it #30daysoflipstick.

Surprise! Suprise! Of course it has something to do with lipsticks since I am a certified lipstick lover. (Why am I thinking of Lipstick Lover, Boy! in Robin Padilla's voice? Hahaha! Weird!) Anyway, Day 30 of  my #30daysofbeauty was yesterday and since I am super excited to start this challenge, I decided to start Day 1 of #30daysoflipstick yesterday as well. Day 1, as you can see on the list, is FAVORITE LIPSTICK BRAND.

Boy! This is so much harder than I thought because it's difficult to choose my favorite lipstick brand since I have a few. But after much thought it came down to Fashion 21 for local brand and Wet n Wild for International brand. 

Fashion 21 Cosmetics do have good quality lipsticks. They also have quite a variety to choose from. I have been a fan of their lipsticks because of the formula, color pay off, and price. I love their matte lipsticks a lot! I can't wait for what shades and collections they have in store! I am very very excited! 

Wet n Wild has indeed stepped up their game when in comes to lipsticks. Just in the case of their Megalast Lip Sticks. Great quality and formula, amazing color pay off at very affordable price tag. Oh and the color selection is superb. I really hope they come out with more colors soon!

That's it for Day 1!

Please stay tuned for DAY 2! I will post in a little while!

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  1. Cool. This looks fun! I am particularly looking forward to your plum collection, fave plum, least favorite, and your whole lipstick collection :D

    1. You might want to do this too! I am actually excited to post everything. Hehe! :)

  2. im waiting for this post =) want to do this too kaya lang iilan pa lang lipstick ko =) ng dahil lang sa blog mo natututo akong maaddict sa mga lipstick hee hee

    1. hahahah! Sorry naman! Sobrang hilig ko lang kasi talaga sa lipsticks. You can choose the days nmn kung ano lang meron ka. Hindi nmn kailangan lahat pero masaya kung ma-complete mo yung challenge :)