Thursday, January 23, 2014

NEW! Fashion 21 Matte Single Blushes

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If you're following me on Instagram, you've probably seen me post a picture of these blushes and blush brush  from FS Cosmetics. These were sent to me by Fashion 21 Cosmetics a couple of weeks ago. I have been a big fan this brand since I was in college. I remember Fashion 21 was one of the first brands I bought my make up (especially lipsticks) from. So, Thank you so much Fashion 21!


Apparently, these matte blushes are their latest addition to the family. There are only two blushes as of the moment, M01 and M02, but each pan has two monochromatic shades in it. Each blush costs Php 140.00. Definitely a great steal since it's like getting 3 blushes for the price of 1. Each side can be used on it's own or combined together to create a whole new shade. These are available in Fashion 21 Counters in leading department stores. 


The packaging is no different than the ones they already have. It's made of plastic (that feels durable, naman) and has a "screw-type" lid.. Though I feel that packaging like this is more tedious to use than the pop-up lids (the ones with a hinge) because you'd have to twist it a few times to close it. I just prefer those compact type packaging (that's just me). Plus points because the manufacturing date is written on the back. I also wish that they have names for the blushes instead of numbers. The blush itself is convex which kinda reminds me of those baked blushes from MAC and ELF.


I didn't detect any scent on these.


Pigmentation is quite impressive. M01 gives a beautiful and healthy coral glow on my cheeks. I love pairing it peach and nude lippies. As I said, you can use either side on its own but I prefer to swirl my brush around to get a gorgeous mix of both colors.
L: The darker shade; C: The lighter shade; R: combination of both
M01 on my cheeks

 M02 is a subtle warmth/glow on my cheeks when I am already sporting a bold lip or eye make up. I combine both colors for my cheeks and use the darker one to contour my nose. 
L: The darker shade; C: The lighter shade; R: combination of both
M02 on my cheeks


These glide on quite impressively on my cheeks. Blending is not at all difficult. It's not very powdery or chalky either. Lasting power is great too. I had this on my cheeks for 6 or so hours with no touch ups ( I am very lazy to touch up my blush). 

 If you're looking for a great blush for daily use, this is going to give you value for your money. You get 3 blushes for the price of one. Imagine that? And it's long lasting too. Didn't give me break outs either.

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  1. I will check this out! Sounds really cool, and I trust your judgment in makeups! I wish Fashion 21 would also launch a cream-based eye makeup, that's what I watched last night when Solenn Heusaff did a dewy-look makeup. Please feature one, tutorial!! :) Good post sis!

  2. Oo nga eh. They're good. Though this one does not have a dewy finish since it's matte. I really wish Fashion 21 would come out with more products. I can't wait for what they're going to come out this year.