Thursday, December 19, 2013

San San HD Foundation

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Happy Holidays!

I am always excited when local brands come up with new and of course, affordable products. That's why I was beyond happy when San San came out with their HD (High Definition) line that's still with a very pocket-friendly price tag. I was immediately interested with their HD Foundation and couldn't wait to try it out.

Product Claim:
Excellent coverage for skin imperfections
Formulated with Vitamins A,C,E & SPF 30 for a healthier and naturally-radiant skin
Oil-free liquid foundation. 
Blends superbly with any color cosmetics for a picture-perfect look. 

San San recently came out with their HD line that includes HD Foundation, HD Concealer, HD Two-Way Cake, and HD Lipstick. Their HD Foundation comes with only 3 shades (Beige, Natural, Olive) and retails for Php 195.00 only (25ml). I think the HD line is already available in most, if not all, HBC outlets nationwide. This was bought in Eton Centris but I also saw it available in HBC Alimall.



I have to say Kudos! to San San for a great improvement in the foundation bottle. The new HD Foundation comes in a frosted glass bottle and a pump. If I were to compare it the San San Matte Finish Liquid Foundation, I would say this is waaaaay better. The pump makes dispensing the product more hygienic and economical. I also love the metallic purple theme of the entire line. Plus points too for including the manufacturing date and expiration date on the box.


The signature sweet coconut scent is still there but is slightly less as compared to the Matte Finish Liquid Foundation because the scent on this is not as nauseating or as overwhelming. It actually kinda fades gradually.


I got the  shade Olive which is the darkest of the three and is the closest match to my skin tone. I think it's still a little lighter on me. Olive is lighter than San San Matte Finish Foundation in #3, by the way.  Coverage is light to medium but totally buildable. It was able to cover my blemishes with one layer and made it a lot less visible with two. The only thing that bothers me is that it's not lightweight. I feel a little heaviness on the face when I have this on. Oh and this, has a dewy finish.

Left: one layer  Right: two layers


San San HD Foundation is a tad thicker than the Matte Finish Liquid Foundation but still glides on very smoothly once applied. I didn't find it difficult to blend either. I used my Artist Studio Angled Foundation Brush to apply it and it blended really well. I let is set for a few seconds before applying the HD concealer (will do a separate review for this) and dusting a setting powder over.

As for staying power, I started to feel a some oiliness on my T-zone after 4 - 5 hours without touch-up. I also noticed a slight fading on my blemishes and the sides of my nose after such time. 8 hours after application, I felt and looked like a greaseball (still with no touch up). I still think the staying power is pretty decent for a foundation given our hot and  humid weather here.

Here's the HD Foundation on me
Natural Light
with flash
As for the HD factor, I am quite impressed that there's no horrible whitecast given that this has SPF 30. I still think there's a tiny bit of whitecast because my face is lighter than my neck (or is it because the shade is too light for me or that the camera is just too close). However,  I still like how my skin looked with flash photography. It looked smooth and glowing in my opinion. I didn't use any highlighter just to be clear.


I am not really sure what HD or High Definition cosmetics do expect that it's supposed to make your skin look flawless on camera (or in pictures) especially with flash photography. If that's what it really does then I'd have to say San San HD Foundation does a pretty good job. In person, I can still see my pores and some of my blemishes but I was surprised that my skin looked smooth and glowing in the pictures. It didn't look flat at all. This would be so nice to use this Holiday Season especially because I know we'll be taking a lot of pictures.

Have you tried this yet? What are your thoughts? 

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  1. Very affordable indeed. Maybe I should check San San for their matte finish foundation as I have oily skin. :)

    1. Yes very affordable nga. Yung matte nila sis hindi talag sya matte finish in my opinion. Parang dewy pa rin sya sken but still is a good foundation in my opinion except for the scent.

  2. Love the packaging! And how yellow it is!

    1. San San really improved a lot in terms of their packaging.

  3. I super love the Olive shade! It literally disappears with my skin color =)

    1. Yup! Maganda nga yung Olive. Kaso light pa din sya for most Filipinas.

  4. Hi Mom in Vain. Can I ask what the ingredients are? or if you may, you can upload a picture of the ingredients. :)

    1. I forgot to take a pic of the ingredients. But I remember there's no paraben written on there.

  5. Does it cake up on you? And pwede pp ba siya gawing pang everyday use at gawing lightweight, i mean by putting just a minimal amoung of product? Thanks :)

    1. It doesn't cake on me but make me extremely oily after a few hours. Pwede naman siguro gawing lightweight lang lalo na if hindi mo naman need ng full coverage. :)

  6. Sis anung mas prefer mo? Yung matte finish nila or etong HD line?