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Barbecue at Bar-B-Skew!

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Filipinos undeniably love to eat . That's why D.I.Y. and all-you-can-eat buffets seem to be big hit lately. All sorts of buffets from those that serve Filipino dishes to various Asian dishes have sprouted everywhere. D.I.Y buffets serve a wide array of menu which diners can cook/prepare themselves. There's a D.I.Y buffet for almost every kind of food you can think of (hot pot, barbecue, pizza, burger, and even pancakes) . And just when you think you've seen it all, comes Bar-B-Skew, the first and only barbecue skewer buffet in the Philippines.

If you are a pinoy street food lover like me, I am sure it will not be very difficult for you to love this restaurant. Bar-B-Skew serves pinoy street food skewers like chicken and pork isaw, chicken gizzard, chicken livers, pork BBQ, and a lot more. 

When I first entered the restaurant, I noticed the simple yet elegant and  laid-back interiors. What kind of surprised me and liked is the lack of overwhelming smoke within the room considering that it's a DIY BBQ place. 

Photo from Bar-B-Skew Facebook page
Bar-B-Skew owner, Wero Doma, told us that each table was fabricated to give diners the ultimate and authentic street food grilling experience. Each table is equipped with an  automatic rotating barbecue machine, a BBQ pit in the middle where diners can grill their skewers of choice on top of real live hot charcoal (Buti na lang hindi masyado nalusaw make up ko. hahahah dahil majinet jackson talaga siya!).  The tables also come with unique smokeless charcoal and exhaust hoods above to minimize the smoke inside the restaurant.

Bar-B-Skew offers three kinds of buffet which you can enjoy for 90 minutes. Lunch buffet (11 AM to 5 PM for Php 299), Dinner buffet (5 PM to 12 AM for Php 349 on weekdays and Php 399 on weekends), and Midnight buffet (12 AM onwards for Php 299).

Their Bar-B-Skew buffet includes skewer-all-you-can and the hot dishes (rice, coleslaw, garlic kangkong w/ bagoong, fried chicken, sisig) and bottomless iced tea. I loved their garlic kangkong w/ bagoong as my side dish with the fried rice.

I began this one-of-a-kind dining experience by picking out my skewers of choice which  were cream dory, pork bbq , chicken bbq, and marshmallows (eto talaga yung na-enjoy ko ng bongga!) 

After I've chosen my skewers, I laid them down the grill and picked out my basting sauce. I chose Garlic butter and Ginger Sesame which are their "best sellers". 

It was actually fun laying and basting the skewers , and watching them rotate on their own.

Bar-B-Skew also serves beer which is always a perfect match with  BBQ.  

If an all-you-can-eat buffet is a little too much for your appetite or budget, they also offer much more affordable meals.

 Pay Bar-B-Skew skewers buffet a visit and enjoy a one of a kind dining experience. Be one of the first to try this!

Location:  UG03 CTTM Square 68 Timog Ave Cor. Tomas Morato, 1103 Quezon City, Philippines

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