Friday, October 11, 2013

The ManChild Phenomenon Revealed

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My husband drinks beer, plays basketball, takes care of us, and provides for my daughter and I. For me, he is as manly as manly can get. But when he gets sick, even with just a simple cold, he becomes a completely different person. He suddenly acts like a little baby yearning for mommy's attention. It's so funny because when I get colds, I still manage to get up and take care of him and Yomi. When he gets sick, he becomes extra malambing and seem to want me at his beck and call. Some call this the ManChild Phenomenon.

What exactly is a manchild? This is the sometimes annoying yet often endearing regression of men into babies whenever the cold or flu virus gets into their system.  This phenomenon was explained during the Vicks VapoRub  launch event at the Shangri-La Hotel in Makati City. Celebrity talk show host RJ Ledesma and editor-cum-blogger Frances Amper Sales discuss the psyche of the Manchild and explore various helpful tips and remedies to deal with this condition. 

Frances shared that her  motherly instinct generally kicks in when her husband gets sick. She says that her husband, Vince,  hardly gets sick but when he’s down with the flu, he really needs tender loving care! That’s when she babies him with lots of liquids, hot comfort  food, massages with Vicks VapoRub, and by making him get lots of sleep.

RJ also admits that there are times when he gets really sick and it is during these times that he always hopes to get his wife’s attention and take care of him like how a mother takes care of her children.  Among his medication is the love that he receives from his wife Vanessa. “She’s very motherly in showing me her love,” he admits. 

RJ and Frances also shared some helpful tips wives can use in case there's a ManChild in the house. Here are some of the very useful things we need in our arsenal.

1. Aside form having soft tissues in hand, make sure you have a moisturizer or petroleum jelly handy. To help relieve the dryness and redness round your man's nose he got from all the sneezing and tissue use.

2. Give him some tea with honey. Teas contain a natural bronchodilator and honey helps fight infection while providing relief from throat irritation.

3. An additional fluffy pillow under his head will help relieve nasal comgestion pressure.

4. Play some relaxing music or his favorite DVDs to help him feel a little bit more relaxed.

5. Comfort food like some hearty chicken soup or Arroz Caldo will surely help the manchild feel better in no time.

6. When all else fails and your manchild has become too much to handle, call your mother-in-law. :P

7. And of course, it's always great to have a bottle of Vicks Vaporub so that immediate relief is always within your reach.

Together with Vicks Vaporub, these common household remedies will do wonders to uplift the mood of the Manchild. That’s why both RJ and Frances state that Vicks is a staple solution in their homes. 

Men may be tough on the outside but their inner Manchild reveals how much they still need to be babied  like children with tender loving care when they get sick. Irritated by constant coughing and overcome with throbbing headaches, the Manchild needs immediate relief and all the support he needs to get back on his feet fast. 

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