Monday, October 14, 2013

lol Glitter Eye Creme

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This post is long overdue. So here it is finally! My review on the lol (lost of love) 
Glitter Eye Creme in The Joker.


If you remember, I posted about this brand I found in SM Department Store a few weeks back in my FB page. This is an Australian brand that, according to the SA, is the sister brand of BYS Cosmetics. Their products are surprisingly very cheap because nothing is more than Php 150.00. Their foundations and eyeshadows are sold at Php 139.00 only. One of the products that really caught my attention was their Glitter Eye Creme which has several color combinations. I have been really fond of glitters lately so I thought a glittery eye look would be fun to create so I got this one.


The packaging is a simple clear and black plastic. It is also very compact as the pan is actually very thin. So storage is not a problem. I really can't complain about the packaging since this is a fairly cheap product. I am extra careful though in handling this because I feel like the hinges and the case are going to break any time. 


I didn't detect any scent on this.


I am quite disappointed at the pigmentation or the amount of glitters I get in one swipe. The colors are beautiful but they do not have the intensity that I hoped for. Oh well, I guess it's my fault because I expected too much. I put it on top of my eye shadow and not much glitter adhered to it.


This felt like I used glitter glue on my eyes. It was sheer and sticky. It didn't dry up at all and every time I blink I can feel the stickiness. It was a little difficult to apply too using any kind of brush. It is best to use  your fingers. As for staying power, it does last and has no glitter fall out. I was afraid I'd get glitters in my eyes but I didn't so that's a good thing. 

I am personally not impressed with this. I think this is not really a must-have nor does this give you something unique and remarkable but if you're looking for something that has glitters and do not mind the sticky feeling then by all means grab one of these. You might find this useful for Halloween, though. You may visit their website for more info.

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  1. I felt the same way based on first impression with the tester, but the regular eyeshadow is just gorgeously pigmented! =)

    1. I agree! I am quite impressed at first swatch sa eyeshadows nila. They however remind me of the Shawill Monos and the SanSan CYO eye shadows. :)