Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Deliciously Home-Made, Deliciously Yours

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I love bacon that's why when I eat bacon, I feel as bright as the morning all day (or even all week) long. I don't really get to eat bacon everyday because it's quite expensive (and unhealthy) to be eating it every day but I can never resist a good bacon when there's one in the fridge! That's why when Deliciously Yours sent these, it's like Christmas morning came very early.

I've eaten frozen bacon from leading brands before but this is actually the first time that I tried home-made bacon. To be honest (not because these were sent to me), they are as good as store-bought ones that I've tried. Although, I think this is much better since there are no preservatives or additives. Not that I'm a health buff, super mom or anything but anything that's deliciously healthy and home-made are A-OK in my book. 

This home-made bacon is actually hand-made by a very pretty entrepreneur named Jameila Andres. Deliciously Yours started out from her hobby of creating home-made Ham with a recipe that was completely Jameila's own. Her first clientele were personal acquaintances then to small business units and big corporations. According to her clientele, her recipe rivals the best out there, if not, better.

Home-made Ham is Deliciously Yours' main product but in addition to this booming business which Jameila oversees daily, are a variety of staple choices catering to processed meat products like smoked bacon, Batangas-style tapa, tocino espesyal, smoked garlic longganisa, Select European sausages, and  smoked roast ribs to name a few. All of which are made from only the highest grade meat produce from her supplier of choice, and prepared with very little to zero chemical additives that can be found in similarly sold varieties in the open market nowadays. That's why her home-made products are a whole lot safer.

A credible reputation, good food, and taste that lives up to the hype are what Deliciously Yours continually strives for and believes to be a very important concoction that not even the best kept secrets can assure us nowadays. Deliciously Yours prides itself of giving its clientele only the best-quality home-made products from the heart.

Just in time for the Holiday season, Deliciously Yours' home-made Ham can definitely make your celebrations a lot more festive. Follow them on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/pages/Deliciously-yours/542896565757815 for more details. 

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