Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Careline Whitening BB Cream

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Here are my thoughts on Careline's Whitening BB Cream. 


I was browsing through the make up counter in Puregold near Q.I. last week when I saw this and of course being a make up enthusiast ayan naexcite naman ako kaya tinry ko. These were sold for Php 120.00 for a 25 ml tube. According to the SA, these are already available in leading department stores and supermarkets. I already saw these in SM North and SM Cubao. 


This comes in a simple squeeze-out tube like most of the BB Creams I see on the market. I am not really a fan of packaging like these because it can be a bit messy. My EB Advance BB Cream already has a messy tip/nozzle. What I like about this is that only a small amount of product comes out in every squeeze so I think that's economical.


When I first swatched/smelled this, I immediately noticed the similarity with the EB Advance BB Cream. That's not really a surprise since EB and Careline are sister companies. I think they have the same manufacturer. I can't describe the smell. I am terrible at that. All I know is that it's not a sweet fruity scent. I didn't get headaches or felt nauseous when I used this so I think that's great.


This comes in 3 shades: Fresh, Nude ,and Natural. I got Natural which is supposedly their darkest shade. When I told the SA I want to get this shade she was a little bit hesitant because she thinks it's too dark for me. I told her that this is MY shade because I don't want to get anything that's lighter than my face and neck. I actually think this shade matches my skin tone perfectly. 

This has a light to medium coverage. It was able to even out my skin tone, neutralizing some of the redness around my nose, on my chin, and on my blemishes. As you can see in the picture below, it was able to lightly cover the redness around the pimple on my chin. 

Some of the blemishes on my forehead and under my eyes are still visible. It's not a problem because I think foundations and BB Creams are not meant to cover the face or make blemishes disappear. They are  simply used to even out the skin tone and make blemishes appear lighter still allowing the skin to breathe and look natural. Nobody really wants a cake face.


I used my fingers to apply this and had no difficulty in blending. Although, I felt like it sets fast so I had to blend it quickly. I only applied one layer because layering on too much will turn me into a greaseball  by the end of the day. One layer is enough - comfortable and lightweight. After 2 hours, I already felt some oiliness on my T-zone - nothing a little powder can't fix. After 3 hours, the pimple on chin became a lot more visible. Good thing I set it with a two-way cake for extra coverage.

Full Face
  I already used concealer under the eyes and set it with two-way cake

Overall, I am not disappointed with this product but I am not head-over-heels either. This is because all of the BB Creams I have tried do not last long on me and can make me feel extra oily as compared to a regular foundation. However, I still do like to use this when I am in a hurry (I can apply it with my fingers) or just running errands and just want a little coverage. The price is budget-friendly too and the shades are suitable for those who do not have very fair skin like me. I think this is a good product to try for college students or on-the-go moms on a tight budget. 

I hope you found this post helpful. 

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  1. saw it yesterday nag dalawang isip pa ako :)

  2. wow thanks for the reco dear =) i would love to try this =)

    1. No problem :) Go! try mo na din :)

    2. How about trying Avon's Simply Pretty BB cream? I made a review of it. :)

  3. Wow! Love the matte finish on your skin.
    ~Pauline @Kallony

  4. helo po . i use this too at pinapatungan ku po xa ng foundation pero madali pong mag oily ng face ku pwede bang lagyan ulit ng bb cream lalo na pag naka make up? hope u can help mi.. thank you..☺

  5. Is it advisable to use these cream though i have a lots of impurities on my face like my pimples??