Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Superbook's Bida ng Pagbabago Roadshow

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As a child of the 80's & 90's,  I grew up watching shows like Batibot, Princess Sarah, Patrash the Dog of Flanders, Flying House ,and Superbook. Quite frankly I find some of the cartoon shows today distasteful as they contain adult humor and violence. It kinda made me miss those cartoons I used to love as a kid. Cartoons that are full of moral lessons which I also want Yomi to watch and love.

That's why I was so excited that CBN's Superbook has been re-launched with a new modern look and title, SUPERBOOK REIMAGINED.

Superbook Reimagined
Superbook Reimagined still features the main characters Chris, Joy and Gizmo as they travel to the time of the New and the Old Testaments of the Bible. And just like the 80's version, each story ends with a valuable Christian lesson that kids can learn. It's such a creative way to explain the teachings in the Bible to the kids.

And last Sunday, I attended  Superbook's Bida ng Pagbabago Roadshow in Ali Mall, Araneta Center. The Superbook team prepared various fun-filled activities for the Batang Superbook who were there. I was a very happy and positive atmosphere with all the jolly and enthusiastic kids around.

 All the Batang Superbook were given a great time through a puppet show and lots of  games.
That's Ruther Orquia and his puppet Titoy. They're two of Superbook's celebrity agents.

Even parents were in on all the fun.

The crowd was amazing as they were all eager to join the games. Look at all those raising their hands volunteering to join!

 There were so many Batang Superbook right in front of the stage!

Despite the heavy rains last Sunday, the crowd turn out was amazing. Many still came and registered to be part of Superbook's Bida ng Pagbabago Roadshow.  This just shows that many parents still believe in the power of responsible and positive mass and social media.

Superbook, through the Bida ng Pagbabago Roadshow, aims to encourage kids to become heroes through God's grace and agents of positive change.

 And of course the event will not be complete without the personal appearance of  Superbook's Gizmo!

 Superbook is indeed a great way to introduce positive values and the Gospel teachings to our kids. You (parents and kids alike) can catch Superbook Reimagined every Saturday at 7:30 AM on GMA.

Special thanks to Ms. Len Tienzo of CBN Asia and the whole Superbook team for letting me be a part of this roadshow.

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  1. we're there..:) kaso na late kami kaya sa labas na lang kami at buy some merchandise & DVD favorite na din ng anak ko ang Superbook...pamana hehehe batang Superbook din ako dati eh..:)

    1. Ah tlga? sayang di tayo ngkita :) Oo nga kaaliw kasi bago na animation nila. :)