Monday, September 16, 2013

Unveiling Shu Uemura's The Lightbulb

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Yesterday, I attended a beauty workshop organized by Shu Uemura, Japan's no. 1 make up brand. The workshop showcased the brand's latest foundation called The Lightbulb. So what is different about his foundation? Well, this foundation claims to give us a beautiful glow under any light and provide perfect coverage with 12-hour moisture. 

Joyce Platon, the gorgeous and talented make up artist to the stars and  Shu Uemura International Pro MUA, explained that sometimes when we seek higher coverage, the natural look tends to be sacrificed. But now, thanks to Shu Uemura's expertise in oil technology and a very unique, hand-finished sponge, we can now get a full-coverage foundation that still gives us a natural finish.

Joyce explained how we can achieve a beautiful, natural glow under any light using the revolutionary sponge (that comes with every The Lightbulb purchase) that's shaped, well, like lightbulb. The larger side of the sponge is used to tap the foundation on the large areas of the  face and neck, and also to enhance the glow. While the smaller side of the sponge is used for applying foundation on the smaller areas like the sides of the nose, and also to control radiance and glow.

She also demonstrated Shu Uemura's Glow System that begins by prepping the skin using TSUYA skin youthful radiant generator. She reminded us all the benefits of prepping the skin and making sure that it's clean before applying the foundation. She then  continued on with the second step using the POREraser UV underbase mousse to make the make up last longer. The third step is applying the Lightbulb foundation using the lightbulb sponge. The final step is setting the foundation using the dual fit pressed powder.

 She opted to teach us how to create a very natural daytime look using a neutral eyeshadow palette. 

Using 3 colors she created a very beautiful and natural eye make up that's perfect for the office or a wedding. Joyce said that this is actually her favorite look to create for brides.

She finished off the eye make up by tight-lining the eyes with a brown eye pencil, curling the lashes using their latest Eyelash S Curler, and adding a few coats of  mascara which is really amazing by the way.

The whole look was completed with a light blush on the cheeks and a natural lipstick on the lips.
Voila! Look at the very pretty and glowing volunteer model, Nica.

I know I am a BIG supporter of local and affordable make up. I always believed that there are a lot of local cosmetics that can be at par with the high-end brands like Shu Uemura but being a make up lover I am no brand snob. I am willing to try everything regardless of brand. This foundation really intrigues me and when I have a few (or a lot - this costs around Php 2000+) of extra dough to spend I will definitely go out and buy this foundation. (Ehem! Ehem! Sweetie???) 

If you're very much interested with Shu Uemura's The Lightbulb foundation, you may purchase it at the nearest Shu Uemura store. Their latest store is located at the 2nd floor East Wing of Shangrila Plaza.

 For more information visit their Facebook Page here.

with the gorgeous Joyce Platon
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