Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Red China by Super Bowl

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I first learned about the newly-opened Red China by Super Bowl almost a month ago when they invited bloggers for a food-tasting event which I was unable to attend unfortunately. Learning that it's a restaurant under Super Bowl (which is probably one of my favorite Chinese restaurants), I promised myself I will pay this resto a visit with my family. So a couple of weeks ago, my husband and I tried Red China and in a nutshell, our dining experience is not bad at all. 

A very welcoming crew greeted us with their warm and bright smiles when we entered the restaurant. Right off the bat, I noticed it was clean and cozy (well maybe because they're fairly new). The restaurant, to me, is family-friendly since it has a very relaxed ambiance and they have high chairs (a must have for me). 

According to the manager (who I forgot the name of), Red China differs from Super Bowl in terms of the menu which offers a variety of contemporary Chinese food all over Asia - Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, and the Philippines. The portion and the price are also relatively different as Red China offers smaller portions at lower cost. Despite the lower price point,  Red China didn't scrimp in providing quality and good food to their customers because their chefs were especially trained in Singapore.

One of the things I liked about Red China is their box of utensils. Diners have the option of using spoon and fork or chopsticks. I just find the presentation cute. As for the food, we were served with complementary fish crackers (this one Yomi enjoyed very much because it was crunchy) while we waited for our food to arrive. 

We had Vegetable Fried Rice (good for 2which didn't really have that much vegetable in it but it was tasty nonetheless.  

One of the viands we ordered is Sweet and Sour Fish. The portion is rather small for two people in my opinion (especially if shared by two hungry males) but for my husband and I it's enough since we also have another viand to share. I loved that the fish is soft and the vegetables still have a bit of a crunch to them. My husband liked the balance of the sweetness and the tanginess of the sauce. 

We also had the Lemon Chicken. Just like the Sweet and Sour Fish, the portion is good for 1 or 2 persons. This one I liked a lot because it's not too sweet or too sour. I can really taste the lemon in it. I wish we could have ordered something else because both viands are kind of sweet and sour. 

Overall, our dining experience is pleasant. The ambiance is modern yet cozy and the service is great and prompt. I give them  two thumbs up  for a very accommodating crew. I also loved that they served the food hot. As for affordability, each of the three dishes are priced at less than Php 150.00. We are definitely coming back.

So if you're looking for a Chinese/Asian restaurant to try with your family, pay Red China a visit. They are located at the ground level of TriNoma, right at the corner of the North Avenue entrance.

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That's Yomi feeding Daddy some crunchy fish crackers :)
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  1. Love Red China! We had take outs for my dad's birthday from there and okay pa din yung food. I love their HK Style Spicy Shrimp and Fish in Taosi Sauce. :)

    XO, Mish @ LBD and Onesies

    1. Next time try namin yang mga yan. :) Thanks Mish! :)

  2. Sis, kakagutom naman hihi thanks for sharing =D

  3. Hehe! Pagnapadaan ka sa Trinoma try mo Red China ha. :)