Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Make Up 101: A Basic Make Up Workshop JOIN NOW!

Hey you! Hot Mommas and Gorgeous Ladies!

Make up is probably my first love. Since I was a kid about 5 or so, I've been tinkering and playing around with my mothers make up. A kind of love that grew with me and has turned into my passion. Everything I learned about make up and its application was self-taught. I did not attend any formal school and I learned through magazines, books, blogs, videos and most of all, experience. 

When I was in college my friends would always ask my advice about make up and would ask me to to put some on them. At work, my colleagues would always ask my help whenever we'd have school performances whether it's their make up or our students'. 

Because of their trust in me, I felt the desire to be able to share my passion and hopefully, empower others through  make up. Whether we'd like to admit it or not, make up has the ability to make us feel good because it can make us look good. 

So I teamed up with Get Gorgeous Manila for this Basic Make up Workshop for all of you who want to learn and be empowered. Karen, the professional make up artist of Get Gorgeous Manila will be the one to teach you everything you need to know in basic make up application.

Limited slots are available so please reserve your now! :)

Natural beauty is still the best but there's no harm in enhancing our God-given beauty right?

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  1. Thanks sis! I'm interested in this workshop =D

  2. Monika! I'm so jealous of your skin! Kalurks ang alaga mo sa fez mo. Some ladies kasi that I know who love make-up, parang nawe-wear out yung skin nila. I, for one, don't have a perfectly smooth canvass to work on. Share naman your secrets! Or recommendations. Message me! :D

    1. Thanks Roxi! Pero wala talaga ako secret jan. Salamat lang yan sa foundation at magandang camera. hahaha! Meron din nmn ako imperfections sa skin ko hindi rin sya perfectly smooth. Pinaka skin care ko na tlga eh yung aghihilamos bago matulog. Hindi ako natutulog ng may make up. Nageeskinol din ako to remove excess make up after washing. heheh! :)