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L.A. Colors Lipsticks

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By now, I am sure you know I am a lipstick addict. I have quite a number of tubes in my collection already. I hope I can share them all with you one day. I am not very picky with brands as long as they seem reputable I am willing to try. Although, I steer clear from lipsticks sold in markets or tiangges especially those that are very suspicious (fake). So here's another lipstick post for y'all! 


L.A. Colors is, if I am not mistaken. the sister brand of Wet n' Wild Cosmetics. It was established in 1985 under Beauty 21 Cosmetics, Inc., L.A. Colors take pride in offering the highest quality products at the most affordable price. They target the diverse beauty needs of women of every demographic around the world. This brand has been in the Philippines for a while now and is mostly found alongside Wet n' Wild products in leading department stores nationwide. 

Their products are really affordable (priced below Php 500). When I saw their stall in SM Cubao, I first checked out their lipsticks and I am impressed by the price. Each tube of L.A. Colors Lipstick with Vitamin E & Aloe Vera costs Php 99.00 only! 


With a price like that, I really can't expect much. Their lipsticks are packaged in a simple plastic tube with a clear cap. The bullet does not go all the way down so that might be a pet peeve for some of you. It looks and feels cheap. It's actually a little scary putting them in my kit because it easily might break. I hate messy make up kits as much as I hate broken lipsticks.

It has a synthetic vanilla-ish scent. It does not smell like MAC lipsticks but it's not absolutely revolting either. The scent is very tolerable in my opinion.


Color pay off is great! Most of the lipsticks I've swatched have delivered amazing opaque colors. I got the shades Matte Amethyst and Berry Red.
  •  Matte Amethyst is a subtle purple that's not actually as shocking or as opaque as I thought it would be. It is also NOT matte. It has a bit of sheen as you can see on my lips.  

  • Berry Red is a wearable warm red with orange undertones. Although the names says Berry Red, I do not find any hint of berry-ness to it. I like this shade a lot because it brightens up my face. It's nice a break from my plums and darker reds. 


These glide on pretty well on my lips even without a lip balm underneath. I am honestly surprised that after 4 hours of wear the color stayed vibrant and my lips didn't feel dry at all. I didn't expect great performance from cheap-looking lipsticks like these but I have to admit I am please with this purchase. 

L: Matte Amethyst R: Berry Red

Overall, I think these lippies are a steal. You get great opacity and texture without leaving your lips drier than the Sahara desert at the end of the day. All for Php 99.00! These are a little bit scary to try at the beginning because of the cheap packaging but I think these are worth the try.

Have you tried these lipsticks yet? What did you think about them?

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