Friday, September 6, 2013

Kokuryu Cream Cake Foundation

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My earliest memory of cosmetics would either be about Avon or Kokuryu. My mother uses Avon cosmetics ever since we were little while my grandmother and our "yaya" back then uses Kokuryu. What really stuck to me was that very distinct "make up smell" from Kokuryu's cake foundation. 

Yes. Before we had the myriad variety of foundations now, there was Kokuryu Cake Foundation and I am surprised that there's still Kokuryu products in leading department stores today. So last week, I was browsing through their products (I was originally planning on buying the summer cake because I've been hearing some buzz about it for awhile.) when I saw this Cream Cake and I thought I'd try this first instead.

Cream Cake Foundation is a sheer make-up base perfect for different  skin types. A creamy , beauty essential oil-moistened for easy application. Makes your skin feel soft and smooth to the touch. This foundation stays fresh for hours. Use Kokuryu Cream Cake Foundation when going for a swim, It's water-proof and non-smearing nature lets you indulge in outdoor sports, beautifully.

Kokuryu products have been around in leading department stores for quite a while now and it's still surprising that their products are very affordable. I've been reading rave reviews on their summer cake so I decided to pick one up. But instead of the Summer Cake, I got the Cream Cake which retails for Php 115.00 for 10g of product in one pan.


I think this is already  the new packaging which doesn't look very cheap compared to their old compacts. It's a square black casing that looks very sleek and elegant for its price. I also like the silver line detail in the middle when the compact is closed. The shade name and manufacturing details are found in the bottom and that's always a plus. The manufacturing and expiry dates are indicated in the box. Since it's a cream foundation, it's great that they attached a clear plastic cover to prevent dusts from sticking to the cream. I thinks the old compact just has a plastic film on top.


Now this is what I am not too fond off. This foundation has that - yes. you guessed it right. - old make up "lola" smell. It's subtle though so it's not really overwhelming for me. Iniisip ko na lang parang trip to memory lane lang. If you prefer unscented cosmetics you might want to steer away from this one.


The shades are very limited. I think there are only 3 which all have pink undertones.I got CF 202 which is the closest to my skin tone. I wish they could have produced more shades that are yellow-based. The coverage is OK. It managed to cover minor imperfections. But I wouldn't suggest layering too much or going overboard with this because of the cream formula. It can feel heavy on the face and it has a tendency to highlight oiliness especially if you have naturally oily skin. What I didn't like about it is the white cast. It looks OK in natural light but I looked like a ghost in flash photography.


The cream formula makes it very easy to apply. Just make sure you blend it well. It did last for 4 hours on my skin before I started to feel oily.

L: natural light R: with flash

I don't hate this product but I am not in love with it either. It feels thick and heavy on the face so I wouldn't recommend using it everyday. It's ok to use if you want a little coverage but I suggest use this during day time or in events you don't need to be photographed because of the white cast. I didn't feel like a grease ball at the end of the day but my face looked dewy. I wouldn't be repurchasing this, sad to say. For cream foundations I still reach out for my Ever Bilena Studio Finish Stick Foundation.

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  1. I remember my auntie liked this brand, she loved using the summer cake and it gave a flawless finish. Didn't know that this was made in Japan pala.

    1. Yes this reminds me too of my lola. I am also using the summer cake and I must say I like it better than this one. Oo nga eh. Nabasa ko lang sa info sa box.

  2. Whoa. That pic in 'flash' version put me off (Not your face, you're lovely. =D). What a night and day difference! Thank you for sharing this. By the way, I assume you use this only for day?

    1. hahahaha! Thanks! I also scared myself when I saw that picture. The whitecast is horrible. Yes. I only use it during day time when there's no picture-taking involved. No-flash photography only if ever. hahah!

  3. hye! u look pretty and really know how choose the right color of makeup that enhances your prettiness which i admired. ;D btw, what lipstick did you use? its really nice ^_^

    1. Thanks! :) I really can't remember what lipstick I used here. I think it's FS lipstick in Carnation. One that I got from the FS Budget Pack.