Monday, September 2, 2013

Joyful Learning with Fisher Price

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I was in Robinsons Magnolia last Friday for the Baby Fair where lots of products from leading brands like Fisher Price and Chicco were on sale. 

Various well-known brands offered great discounts on toys, clothes, and baby items. Just look at this Shape Sorter which you can get for PHP 99.75 only!

I also found this very cure lion bath robe. It's so adorable, right? I just forgot to check how much. There's also this book entitled "Fun with Letters" which is on sale for PHP 60.00.

Aside from great deals, there weer also fun hands-on activities for the kids to enjoy and learn from. 

As part of their concluding activity, since last Friday was already their last day in Robinsons Magnolia, Fisher Price also hosted a Joy of Learning Talk by one of their trusted child experts.

Professor Marianne Ignacio shared with us the importance of knowing our child's developmental milestones. She said that it is important to take note of our child's developmental milestones (our kid's "firsts" ie. first laugh, firts dapa etc.) so that we can point out red flags in their development immediately and be able to act on it early.  If a child is not meeting these markers, this would be something that parents should note and probably seek the advice of pediatricians and childhood experts.

Developmental Milestones validate and reassure parents that they are providing the skills, information and ideas needed to raise a happy and healthy child.  It also helps provide a child and their family with some extra support, through early childhood intervention, when needed, so a child can meet their full potential. 

Fisher Price also raffled off some absolutely amazing prizes to all those who joined the talk. I actually won this Fisher Price Animals Stack & Nest Blocks! 

Thank you so much Ms. Julie for inviting me. It's really a very informative talk that's very helpful for parents, like me.

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