Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Colour Collection Colour Intense Blush-On Duo

Hello friends!

I thought I'd share with you my thoughts on the Colour Intense Blush-On Duo I got from Colour Collection and Sample Room. 

Perfectly matched contour and highlight shades that give an impeccable blush. 
Contains protective sunscreen.


I won mine from Colour Collection's blog contest a few weeks back but you can get these blushes from your friendly neighborhood Tuppeware Brands lady. I am not sure how may shades they have for these blushes or how much these are because unfortunately, it wasn't listed in their on-line product catalog.


These blush duos are encased in a sleek black compact that comes with a decent-sized mirror and a small brush. I didn't use the brush because it's pretty small and I don't feel like it'll work well. I didn't toss it out though, in case I forget to bring my blush brush. The packaging doesn't feel or look cheap at all. In fact, it's very class and sturdy. 


No scent on these blushes.


I got  Desert Rose which is a peach and a mauve duo. The colors are so pretty; it gives a natural fresh glow. They have very fine gold shimmers that I absolutely love since they give a beautiful sparkle on the cheeks. These blushes have enough pigmentation to show up on the cheeks but are not too strong that you'll end up looking like a clown. I used the mauve shade as some sort of contour just to add depth and then I swept the peach one on my cheeks. You can definitely sheer this out or build it up to your liking. 


These are finely-milled that it glides on very smoothly and evenly on the cheeks. It doesn't look blotchy when applied. It lasts a fair amount of time on the cheeks however, with the heat and humidity I doubt this can last up to 6 or 8 hours.

I honestly like this blush-on duo especially the peach shade. It's a great everyday blush that's great for mestizas and morenas alike. I give it one kiss mark short because of availability. Overall, if you happen to come across one be sure to grab one because this product is worth a try.

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  1. You have lovely skin, Monica. And this blush suits you so well. =)

    I think I have this somewhere. Need to break it open and use it.

    1. Thanks! If you'll see me in person you'll see I have large pores! hehe! Anyway, these are pretty shades which looks great on all skin tones. If you have it, you should definitely use it.

  2. from the swatches alone I can tell it has a nice texture and it's not powdery. The peach color shows up really well too!

    1. the peach one is really subtle and pretty. You're right they're not powdery at all. :)

  3. Is the mauve okay as a blush or would it look muddy on the skin? :D

    1. So far it doesn't look muddy on me but I don't really use it alone I use it to create a contour lang.

  4. Is the mauve one okay as a blush or would it look muddy on the skin? :D