Sunday, September 15, 2013

Banana Peel's Tickle My Sole Collection

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Eversince Yomi  learned to walk, I have been wanting to get her a pair of cute girly flip flops. Aside from the design of course, I wanted it to be durable and affordable. My sister bought her a pair with a cartoon character design on it but I just didn't like it that much. It felt rather cheap and the sole is slippery. She slipped a couple of times while wearing it. At the mall, I saw a very cute pair from Ipanema but when I saw a price tag I immediately put it back! GRABE! Ang mahal! Eh lalakihan lang naman niya agad yun noh! So naghanap na lang ako ulit. Pero wala ako nakita until I saw this! Look at that pink and black polka dot slippers from Banana Peels's Tickle My Sole. Its cuteness just melts my heart!

Banana Peel has been known for their affordable and durable flip flops. They can even compete with other higher end imported brands. I've had several Banana Peel flip flops in the past and they have withstood abuse. I wore  them almost  all the time. That's why when they came out with collection with super adorable designs for kids I knew I had to get Yomi a pair. 

Fortunately, Banana Peel sent me these lovely pairs from their Tickle My Sole collection! Banana Peel has taken pride in the idea of enhancing their flip flops for kids – there is simply no limit to the imagination! They believe that kids are travelers at heart, and the world is a place with each nook and cranny waiting to be explored. In these adventures, kids slowly open their eyes to the wonders of the world; and Banana Peel believes that flip flops are the perfect companions to these magnificent experiences. 

Isn't the little polka dot bow so adorable?


The cute details in these pairs just melt my heart. The material feels really durable too. Banana Peel really stepped up their game with these durable yet very much comfortable soles that are not too soft or too hard for my little miss' tiny feet. 

The wide array of kids’ flip flops offered by Banana Peel is even creatively crafted only with eco‐friendly and child‐safe materials; allowing for the brand to be great for the whole family, and for the environment! Collections range from plains, and prints: with princesses, princes, fruits, animals, robots, amongst a whole mob of fun characters that kids would adore. 

So while under the sunshine, or even the rain, there will always be the perfect pair of Banana Peel flip flops for the tiny tot’s enjoyment (98 and ¾ percent guaranteed!)! 

Oh and Banana Peel was even so sweet to send mommy (me) a couple of pairs too. 


 Yomi and I even have a matching pair! We can now definitely strut under the sun or dance in the rain in comfort and style! Thank you so much Banana Peel!

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    1. Yes super cute tlaga! Go get yours na Mayla! :)

  2. super cute nila talaga! gusto ko ng maghoard! ahaha! thanks sis! ❤

    1. Hahahah! Oo nga eh. parang gusto ko lagi kmi terno!

  3. super cute talaga nila, even for he grown-ups. gusto ko ng maghoard! :)

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    1. Yes Mish! Super cute nga. Sna meron din para sa inyo ni Z!