Friday, August 16, 2013

What's In My Diaper Bag?

Hi! Y'all.

I've seen and read posts where gurus/bloggers talk about what's in their bags. I wanted to post one myself but then I realize my bag only consists of my wallet and my make up kit. That's because most days, I tote around a diaper bag. So I thought I'd post a "What's in my Diaper Bag?" instead.

So here are my diaper bag essentials:

  • Milk Bottle and formula - I can't leave the house with out this. Even if Yomi is now eating solid foods, she still drinks her milk. 
  • Diapers - I think this is self-explanatory. :)
  • Changing Clothes - Since Yomi is now a toddler, she's very active and wants to eat on her own now that's why changing clothes is a must for me.
  • Hat or Hoodie - These are very handy when we are out quite late or during rainy days.
  • Cloth Diaper (lampin) - Yomi uses disposable diapers so I just use her lampin to wipe her saliva etc.
  • Wet Wipes - Wet wipes are my best friend. I can't leave the house without it especially if I'm bringing Yomi along. That little tot can be really messy when we eat. Of course, I need this when we're changing diapers.
  • Hand Sanitizer - I rely on this to clean Yomi's hands when water is not readily available. You know how kids are.
  • Toiletries - I always bring these 3 with me (soap, cologne, powder) because I always want Yomi to smel and feel fresh. When she poops, I always to wash her with soap and water.
  • Fan - It's always so hot in this country! Nakakaawa mga baget kapag naiinitan kaya ayan mega paypay kapag nasa labas.
  • Hair Accesories - Since I have a daughter, I always want her to look like a girl that's why I carry around head bands, clips and a brush. Plus,  I don't want her hair to be all over her face. 
  • Umbrella -  Our weather is crazy it can be sunny one moment and rainy the next. It pays to be ready for any weather.

  • Make up Kit - Of course I have to always bring my make up kit. Ayoko naman magmukhang bruha at stressed kakaalaga sa anak ko noh! hahah! I just bring the basics like face powder, blush, and lipstick.
  • Wallet -  And of course, I can't forget my wallet, can I? :P
  • Wipes - I always make sure I have some feminine wipes in my bag because I can't pee without wiping myself after. If I wasn't able to stock up on feminine wipes, I use the wet wipes or tissue instead.
I am also thinking of adding a first aid kit in my diaper bag. Should I?

How about you, mommies? What's in your diaper bags? What are your diaper bag essentials?

I hope you found this post helpful!

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  1. I gifted my sister with Baby Couture bag when they went on sale (striped blue bag) - very affordable. She loves it and told me that it's very roomy and sturdy. She told me that a bag like that in the US is very expensive.

    1. Yes. It's very very roomy. I can fit all these diaper bag essentials and still have some more room. It's also a little bit expensive her but it's worth it. :)