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Top 10 Weird Visa Applications

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My husband and I are actually considering working abroad for chances of a better life for Yomi. Although, we really want to find a job outside the Philippines and leave ASAP, we are aware that it is going to take a lot of planning, and of course resources. 

We both know that we need to be plan everything carefully and be prepared.  One of the things we know we need to prepare for is our Visa application. Apparently, our reasons for applying do matter when filling up the application or when interviewed. We don't want to spend our hard-earned money only to be denied because our reasons for leaving is absurd or worse, illegal. Yes, you won't believe some of the reasons people say when applying for a Visa. It even includes being a vampire slayer and a Zombie!

I recently came across's list of the ten weirdest applications they have come across in the last 12 months. When asked for their reasons for travel, applicants gave an unusual array of answers - from the illegal, to the unexpected, and the frankly odd.  Global Visas is a private company that helps individuals and businesses wishing to secure visas in the country of their choice.

 According to them, the ten strangest reasons for applying for a visa are the following:

1) A South African man applied for a European visa, by saying he wanted to go to Romania to become a vampire hunter.

2) On his UK visa application, a Brazilian man said he wanted to bring "flamenco to the streets of Norwich".

3) A Russian woman applied for a European visa, so she could work as a prostitute in the Netherlands.

4) An embalmer from Mexico applied for a visa to ply his trade in Spain. When his criminal record was unearthed, the visa was refused.

5) On his European visa a Mali man said he was skilled with a pirogue, and wanted to transfer his skills to gondola driving in Venice.

6) A UK man listed his profession as a dog food taster on his US visa application.

7) A man in the Philippines applied to travel to Australia because he was "evading the local authorities".

8) One woman applying to move from France to the US gave her profession as 'foot model'.

9) A woman applied for a UK visa, saying she had "seasonal work as a zombie" .

10) A Peruvian man applied for a European visa to work as an "alpaca shearer" during "shearing season".
Every country has certain laws and limitations so that means we probably won't have our Visas approved if our absurd reason is running from a crime here in Manila. lol! 

If ever you fall into the list or you are at loss of what better career options to file for, it would be good to seek out professionals who are adept to this kind of application, and those that could assure your visa approval. So don’t get into shameful discussions about your reasons and thus getting disappointed on a disapproved application and eventually not finding a vampire or zombies in some countries.

Global Visas has won for its clients the most difficult battles as far as visa facilitation is concerned, such as immigration to Australia. The expertise of the Global Visas team allows it to deliver the best quality service in the lodgment of spousal, fiancée, tourist and working visas. The company holds the distinct advantage of having personnel in destination countries as well as constant updating of visa regulations in these areas: the USA, Canada, UK and other parts of Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Asian territories. 

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