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Swish Mouthwash and Breath Spray

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Personal hygiene is very important for our health and our social lives. Now, I don't have to explain why it's very important for our health, do I? I am sure we all know that by now. For our social lives, personal hygiene is essential because none of us like to be talked about especially in a negative way. The last thing I want is bumping into an EX or a frienemy looking and smelling like I just got out of bed. That's why I can't leave the house without taking a bath and brushing my teeth. 

My oral hygiene is honestly is just brushing my teeth and occasional flossing. I am not a big mouthwash user because I don't like the sting. When I got this Swish pack, I thought, "Oh well, I might as well give this one a try." The pack has a  mouthwash with a very interesting flavor, Mangosteen Mint, and a breath spray.

Swish Mouthwash is an alcohol free mouthwash that helps kill bad breath causing bacteria and prevents plaque build-up, gum disease and tooth decay. Its Surefresh Technology leaves the mouth with long lasting minty fresh breath. It is available in 5 variants with different minty levels to suit one's taste. The variants are as follows: 

Arctic Chill (Intensely Strong Mint) - is the right blend of cool and minty with that extra kick of freshness.

Cinnamon Blast (Super Strong Mint) -  is a mix of mint with the perfect blend of cinnamon flavor. 

Peppermint Fresh (Strong Mint) - gives you the right minty fresh feeling for an awesome cooling sensation.

Mangosteen Mint (Mild Mint) - is a minty treat with the right touch of fruit blended in.

Icy Choco Mint (Gentle Mint) - blends together the freshness of mint with the goodness of chocolate flavor without the guilt in a sugar-free formulation. 

For a fresh breath all-day, Swish suggests using 20 mL of mouthwash 2x a day and gargle for 30 seconds. Swish mouthwash is available in 4 sizes (35mL, 60mL, 120mL, 250mL). Suggested Retail Price is 35 mL (P35.00), 60 mL (P46.75), 120 mL (P75.00), and 250 mL (P139.50). 

I have to admit I am not really used to using mouthwash but my experience with this is not bad at all. It really did give me fresher breath as opposed to brushing alone. The freshness lasted for quite a while too. Mangosteen Mint smells great but it kinda left a medicine-like taste in my mouth which I am not too happy about. I might give Icy Choco Mint a try next time because it sounds yummier.

Swish also came out with their new breath spray which gave me fresh breath in just 10 seconds! It quickly kills germs and bacteria in the mouth to eliminate bad breath caused by eating, drinking and smoking. With its cute and handy bottle, it's very convenient to use anytime and anywhere for a quick breath fix. It's also absolutely alcohol-free and sugar-free which means even children, cancer patients and survivors and pregnant women can use Swish!

This comes in 2 refreshing variants – Arctic Chill and Peppermint Fresh. I got Artic Chill which I actually like more than the mouthwash in Mangosteen Mint. I simply sprayed 2 pumps, although 1 can be enough,  into my mouth and it freshened my breath instantly. It is very economical as each bottle can last up to 100 sprays. The suggested Retail Price is Php 105.00. 

I've never thought of using breath sprays before. I usually just pop in a mint candy. I would love to carry this around for extra boost of confidence especially when I am going out with friends or attending events. 

Swish Mouthwash and Breath Spray are available in supermarkets, drugstores and convenience stores nationwide.

Have you tried Swish Mouthwash and Breath Spray? What do you think about them?
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  1. Wow, thank you! This is very informative. I was planning to change what I currently use because I of what I've read in this article about the importance of mouthwash. Thus, not all mouthwash brands are the same quality-wise.