Friday, August 30, 2013

San San C.Y.O. Eyeshadows in Charcoal Brown and Emerald Green

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It's almost the end of August. Boy, how time flies really fast. Imagine, it's the -Ber moths already which means Christmas is just right around the corner. And speaking of Christmas, I thought I'd share with you some shining, shimmering, splendid right here with the San San Create Your Own Eyeshadows.

I already tried some matte shadows from this collection (Deep Earth Brown and Warm Copper Fire) which I did a full review right here. The product deets are already there in that post too. So I will just be talking a little bit about these 2 new shadows I got from that collection - Charcoal Brown and Emerals Green.

Of all the shimmery shades that they have, these two caught my attention a lot more. Color-wise and pigmentation-wise, I liked these two a whole lot more than the other shades because both can be uses with other shades or can be used on their own. The other previous shadows I got were matte which is a bit of a let-down for me because they didn't give great pigmentation. 

I was actually surprised at how soft the consistency of these shimmery shadows are. They both glided on smoothly and packed great color in one swipe. Charcoal Brown is a sort of metallic taupe-y brown that can be used on its own for a natural look. Emerald Green is a metallic dark green . I think it's actually blue-green. This shade is great if you want a little pop of color on your lids. Both shadows already look good on the lids,  but can look deeper when shadowed by the crease. 

Staying power of these two is average without a primer. Three hours of wear time and they start to subtly fade. A primer underneath can make these last longer for sure. 

L: Charcoal Brown R: Emerald Green

What's the verdict on these? Well, I'd say 5 kiss marks!  They're great to have in your stash and they won't even break the bank. For PHP 50.00 and with this quality, I can't say I wasted any money. I absolutely adore these especially Charcoal Brown. So, head on to your nearest HBC outlet and try these. 

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  1. These are two of their best colors! Well, at least for me. Both of these are my current fave eyeshadows. :)

    1. Yes Aya! OMG! Super kilig ako ngcomment ka sa blog ko! hehe! True! These are great shades and very pigment as well. :)