Friday, August 16, 2013

Philippines and Underwater Hockey!

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Today I'll be a little more athletic, well, at least in this post. I will be talking a little bit about UNDERWATER HOCKEY, a sport that's somehow close to my heart not because I play it but because it's a water sport (I am crazy about swimming and I am a mermaid wannabe!) and one on the people closest to me plays it. You'll know more about it later in the post. 

Anyhooo, Underwater hockey is a fun and challenging non-contact team sport played at the bottom of a swimming pool. Believe it or not, it is played here in the Philippines.

This sport is played by two teams with 6 players each who compete by maneuvering a puck on the pool floor with their playing sticks. Each team attempts to score by shooting the puck into their opponents’ goal. Kinda like the regular, more famous Ice Hockey but only in water and a lot more challenging. The challenge is — there are no SCUBA equipment used in the game and the players must therefore hold their breath while playing underwater.

Currently there are three (3) underwater hockey clubs under the Philippine Underwater Hockey Confederation. They are Polo puck pirates, Citadel ,and Underwater Hockey Bootcamp. The Philippine delegates have already competed and won in various tournaments around the world. One of which was in the 4th Asian Underwater Hockey Championships in Queenstown, Singapore last  December 2-4 2011 where the men's team bagged the gold medal and the silver medal for the women's team . It was hosted by Stirling Underwater Hockey Club (Singapore) that brought together 130 players from China, Indonesia, Japan, Philippines, Singapore and Australia.  

This coming August 23-30, our Philippine Underwater Hockey Team will have another chance to showcase Filipino skill, pride, and sportsmanship in the upcoming Underwater Hockey World Championship 2013 in Eger, Hungary. My sister is actually one of the team members! (one proud sistah right here y'all!!! Woot! woot!)

So PLEASE do SUPPORT our Philippine Team in the upcoming Underwater Hockey World Championship 2013 in Eger, Hungary this August 23 - 30, 2013! I hope you can share this to your friends and please pray for their victory! Their victory is our victory! Thank you so much!

To know more about underwater hockey and the different UH clubs you can check out the Philippine Underwater Hockey Confederation website.

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