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Keeping Fresh with pH Care Feminine Wipes

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I can be quite vain hence the name Mom Gone Vain. I can't leave the house without at least taking a bath and brushing my teeth. When I have time (which I always do. Hehe!), I put make up on. Knowing that I am presentable gives me confidence whenever I go out. I believe that I should always look and feel as if I have a date with destiny.

Whenever I go out, I always have my make up kit with me so I can make sure I still look OK whatever I'm doing. I also bring some tissue with me because I can't pee without wiping myself after. I can be a little "maarte" when it comes to my hygiene down there. I am lucky enough already if the public restroom has a bidet but I can't expect all public restrooms to have one, can I?
photo from UNILAB's website
That's why I was happy when feminine wipes came out on the market. Sometimes using tissue alone can make me a little itchy or irritated down there that's why feminine wipes are a big relief.

One type of feminine wipes I like using is pH Care Feminine Wipes. It's mildly scented but still keeps me feeling fresh and clean especially when I have my period. It's also very convenient to use because it comes in handy resealable packets that  fits easily in my bag or kikay kit. I think this is especially perfect for on-the-go women. 

It's also pH-balanced, alcohol free, hypoallergenic, and clinically tested. I don't worry about any irritations or allergic reactions in that very sensitive part. It's even safe to use everyday. What I love most is the cool, fresh feeling I get whenever I use it. It makes me feel fresh and clean all day. It's available in leading supermarkets for less than PHP 40.00!  If you're looking for feminine wipes you can use everyday or bring with you when you travel, give this one a try!

For more information you can visit UNILAB's website or you can visit them on their official Facebook page.

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