Sunday, August 25, 2013

Fashion 21 All-Day Matte Lipstick

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I've been a Fashion 21 Cosmetics user for years. I particularly love their stick foundation and lipsticks. I've tried their Color Mood, Aqualicious, Red Romance, and Pink Obsession lipstick collection and I liked them all. They all feel great on my lips. But when other local brands came out with their matte lipsticks, I thought why hasn't Fashion 21 come out with their collection as well? And just last Thursday, I found out that Fashion 21 has already answered this question because they already have the ALL-DAY MATTE LIPSTICKS.


Just this August, Fashion 21 released their All-Day Matte Lipstick collection consisting of 13 matte shades of nudes, pinks, corals and reds. They can be found at Fashion 21 counters in leading department stores. Although, I am not sure if this is already available nationwide as this collection is fairly new. I got mine for a very affordable price of PHP 175.00 for 4g of product. 


When I saw the casing of this one, I immediately thought it's so pretty  for a local brand.  It's a shimmery brown plastic but sturdy bullet. It kinda looks like a stout version of the mac bullets with its round tip. Even if  they're made of plastic, they don't feel flimsy or cheap at all. 

If you're not a fan of scented lippies you might like that this one has none. If I am not mistaken, most if not all Fashion 21 lipsticks are unscented.


With one swipe, these All-Day Matte lipsticks do not give extreme color pay-off but pigmentation is good nonetheless. I had to put on a couple or more layers just so I can get my desired opacity. I got Garnet which is a beautiful wearable red. It's not a deep kind of red but not a super bright red either. 


These did not glide on super smoothly on my lips unlike my all-time favorite matte lipstick which is the Wet n' Wild Megalast Lip Colors but they did not tug either.  I also did not experience any chapping or dryness on my lips whatsoever. As for staying power, this lipstick performed rather well. I had it on for about an hour before I had a burger (a Yum with TLC to be exact) and iced tea. After eating, I noticed a slight fading on the inner part of the lips but the color is still there.

L: "gutom" look  R: "busog" look
Garnet on my lips before and after eating
photo taken with a camera phone
Garnet on my lips after 3 hours
 If you notice, the lip color on my upper inner lip and on the corners has faded but the color is still there. 

I am happy Fashion 21 finally came out with their matte lipstick collection. I like this collection especially the packaging. I feel like they're stepping up their game with it.  I am not head-over-heels with the pigmentation but the lipstick is buildable  so that's not really a problem. I also wish they have more shades to choose from. Overall, These do not last ALL-DAY but they do last long on my lips even with eating. I am happy with this lipstick and I am definitely going back to get a few more shades to try. 

For more info you can check out their Fashion 21 Cosmetics' Facebook page.

Have you tried these Fashion 21 All-Day Matte Lipsticks? 
What do you think about them. I'd love to know. 

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  1. Liking the color on you, brightens your face! I hope i can find one that suits me din.

    1. Thanks! I think so too. I'm used to darker shades of red so, this one's kinda new to me. :)

  2. Hi i got BRONZE & BLOSSOM.. i love broze so much because the shade is very similar with my clinique rosy nude & chanel coco rouge mademoiselle which are very expensive for one product.. super opaque sia and rich yung color! i was sooooooo amazed nung nag swatch ako.. :D over all, im VERY SATISFIED with F21's All Day Matte <3



    1. Hi Veronica! I'd love to try Blossom as well! I've never tried Clinique's Rosy Nude or Chane's Coco Rouge Mademoiselle but if you say they're similar I'm OK na with Bronze kasi mas mura! hehe!