Monday, August 5, 2013

Delamor Sweet Treats Cupcakes

Who loves cupcakes?! I DO!!!

I've always had sweet teeth (yes. not just tooth.) and I always, always made sure to leave a lot of room for dessert. One of my all-time favorite desserts is cupcakes. There's just something about cupcakes and their beautiful designs that draws me to them that's why I've always been a cupcake lover. So let me share with you my latest cupcake fix.


I got these cupcakes from Delamor Sweet Treats. I got a box of blue, purple and red velvet cupcakes and another box of chocolate cupcakes.

The cupcake with a candy heart on top is a chocolate cupcake. The one with an aqua frosting with silver candy beads is the blue velvet while the one with pink frosting is the purple velvet cupcake. The last of course is the red velvet cupcake.

Chocolate Cupcake

Chocolate Cupcake - A classic moist chocolate cupcake with chocolate frosting. OK I'm not sure if that's cream cheese because it didn't taste like cream cheese to me. What I love about this cupcake is it's dense and moist. I do not like dry cupcakes that crumble. This one is definitely not that. I just wish it's more chocolatey though.

Red, Blue and Purple Velvet Cupcakes -  I am not a cupcake connoisseur but I know what I like when it comes to cupcakes and this one certainly fits everything in my checklist. The cake in all three velvet cupcakes was moist. The cream cheese frosting is perfectly thick and creamy.

I am normally a sugar icing kind-of-girl but when I tasted these, Oh boy! I became a cream cheese frosting convert! In terms of sweetness, the cake itself was not too sweet which I like because it pairs great with the frosting . You don't end up with an overly sweet cupcake. 


In all honesty, these are pretty awesome. Some of the cupcakes I've tried are too overwhelming that one or half a cupcake  is already enough but these are just perfect that I can literally eat a whole box! You can get your hands on these cupcakes for PHP 400.00 a dozen. That's very affordable considering you can choose the decoration and the flavor you like.

I was able to chat with Thea, the owner of Delamor Sweet Treats and here's a few deets about her.

Thea's love for baking began at age 5 when she came home from school one day and saw her mom baking macaroons in a "magic oven". She just fell in love with the sweet smell of macaroons and after that, she would watch her mom whenever she bakes. It was in high school that she began baking and taking orders from family and friends. She used to get her recipes from books until she decided to enroll in  a short course of cake making. From then on, orders started coming in. The name of her business by the way, is a combination of her 3 grandma's names. De - Dely, La - Lydia, and Mor - Amor hence DELAMOR.

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  1. rotyresie27@yahoo.comAugust 5, 2013 at 9:27 AM

    I remember a Korean novela Baker King,it his sense of smell that made him a successful baker and my Thea's smell for macaroons opened the door of baking to her. I want her to succeed in tis craft that she chose.Try her baked goodies and you'll never regret not too sweet just right!Happy eating!!

  2. These cupcakes look so yummy. Your blogpost is making me hungry & I just ate! :)

  3. Why does she have three grannies? Echusera lang po:) Anyways, I like the looks of the cupcakes! Hopefully I could also try them...

    1. hahah! Don't worry Miss Joy I'll ask. oo nga hindi ko na natanong why she has 3 grandmas :) The cupcakes are delicious. :)

  4. I have 3 grandmas =)- my moms mom NO.1 ,my dads mom No.2 and my moms aunt No.3. hehehe. =) that makes them 3 =) @joy hopefully you can try my cupcakes soon have a wonderful week ahead =)

  5. hehehe explain ko why. mom ng mommy ko ,mom ng dad ko and aunt ng mommy ko that makes them 3 =) =) @joy hopefully u can try my cupcakes soon.have a nice weekend =)