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Baby Couture Diaper Bag (ANDIE)

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When I found out I was pregnant, one of the first things I had on my mommy list is a diaper bag. I knew I needed to have a bag that can fit all Yomi's things once she comes out. I searched for a bag that's spacious , durable and affordable enough for a first-time mom like me. In one of my trips to Trinoma, I came across a kiosk that sells these chic baby bags and what caught my attention was the design. Most of the bags do not look like the common diaper bags I see. They actually look like ordinary ladies' bag. 

I checked their bags out and when I've chosen which one I liked I asked one of my best friends and Yomi's godmother to give to me on my baby shower. (heheh! She loves me! Thanks, Tracy!) This bag was actually not the one I chose but I was happy nevertheless because it's prettier than the one I originally wanted.


Code: 0102AB
Color Exterior: Black Eiffel Tower Print
Color Interior: Grey
Style: Travel Bag
Material: Microfiber
Size: L42cm x W15cm x H27cm
SRP: P1179.75

The bag design is very elegant because of the Black Eiffel Tower print. The silver buckle design on the pocket flaps looks very classy too.  It has 2 pockets in the front and one big pocket at the back where I put the changing mat that comes with it. It also has  a pocket on each side where I put our umbrella and the milk bottle. 

I like that it has very spacious interior with lots of pockets to hold everything in place. It has 3 pockets on each side where I usually put the diapers, powder, cologne, my cellphone etc. I am very happy that I can fit all my baby's things inside. If you know me, I pack quite a lot. 

As for durability, I am very impressed it's able to hold up after more than a year of use. The exterior has no signs of wear and tear. I think the color has faded a bit but it doesn't look that bad. The interior as well has no signs of wear and tear. Well, except for the zipper handle which broke other than that everything is still in tip-top shape.

This also comes with a shoulder strap which is perfect for the daddies so they can sling it around their body. The bag comes with a changing mat and a clear pouch where I put soiled clothes or face towels inside.

I am happy that I do not need to carry a separate bag for my things. My daughter's and my things fit perfectly inside. As you can see in the picture below, I bring a lot of stuff whenever we go out and I am glad that this diaper bag can hold up to the task. 

These Baby Couture diaper bags definitely combine fashion with function - Perfect for the working or on-the-go mommies. I guess you can attribute it to the fact that these fashionable diaper bags are designed by a mommy for other mommies. That's a relief to know because she surely knows what mommies need.

I've got my eye on this one too. :)

sooo pretty!

If you're looking for a great diaper bag, you can check Baby Couture Diaper Bags in Trinoma and other leading malls or you can visit their Facebook Page for inquiries.

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  1. We also love BC Bags. I got 3 now and we're loving them all. I got that one black and white design (travel bag) style. I got it when they had a sale on their SM Megamall branch. :)

    1. I love these kasi they have so many pockets in side. hehe! I am waiting for their sale kasi gusto ko yang brown b yan eh. hehhe!