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Teething Beads


My sisters and I have a mini-collection of necklaces and accessories, something we just accumulated over time. I like how accessories give a look a whole new feel or how it makes what ever I'm wearing look more put-together. 

But when I had Yomi, I stopped wearing them, necklaces in particular, for a while because I was afraid it would hit her on the face or something. I am paranoid. Yes. Also, when she was in the teething stage, she would just chew at just about anything she can get her hands on. One time when I tried to wear a necklace, she  pulled on it so hard it almost broke just so she can scratch her gums on it. So I just really stopped wearing necklaces because it's also not safe for her.

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When I went to the Belly Blessed Fest 2013 last yesterday, I came across these colorful bead necklaces displayed at one of the booths. I initially thought it was just a normal necklace. They were so cute and eye-catching. But when I was able to chat a little bit with owners, I found out that they were actually teething beads! Yes. Teething. Cool, right? A necklace for mommy and at the same time a teething toy for baby. Don't you just love dual-purpose stuffs?

Anyway, so I learned that these are made out of 100% Silicone beads that's safe for babies to chew on but are fashionable at the same time for mommies to wear to play up their outfit.

From their Facebook Page:

Teething Beads Jewellery offers a solution in the form of fashionable adult jewellery available in 8 great colours to easily fit with any wardrobe, for mommy to wear but for baby to chew on during the teething phase. 

A breakaway clasp, which is standard on all teething necklaces, offers added safety to help that the teething necklace won’t break when baby decides to pull or tug. All our products can easily be cleaned with soap and water and are also sterilizer safe.

Teething Beads are made of 100% silicone beads, offering firm but soft beads for your teething baby to chew on.

Silicone, similar to pacifiers and nipples and contain no PVC, phthalates, BPA, lead, cadmium or metals while all our jewellery contains no detachable parts.

With all its color, you can definitely mix and match, and even layer with any outfit. Who says mommies can't wear accessories especially when her baby's teething? If I'm not mistaken the necklaces retail for
Php 350.00 while the bracelets are sold for Php 200.00. Very affordable di ba mommies? 

If you want to know more about these necklaces and for orders or inquiries,  you may check out Teething Beads' Facebook Page here. Or you may contact Mommy Margie Lirazan (09178120525) or Mommy Maylee De Guzman (09175510422)

Cathc them the Belly Blessed Fest 2013, it's happening now until tomorrow. 

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  1. Cute beads! These will look on a plain white shirt. :)

  2. I saw these at The Belly Blessed event eye-catching nga ang colors! My concern is that it can be a choking hazard pero of course you have to keep a close eye on your kid if he/she is using it 'no. ANd accidents do happen. But I'm curious with them, should try it with the next baby ;D