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Shawill Eyeshadow & Blusher

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I can be a little cheapskate when it comes to make up. My reasoning would always be "Why spend a good amount of money on make up when I can find cheaper products that works well on me?" That's why I love local cosmetics in the department stores. I don't mind if they're cheap and local as long as they're safe to use and I don't experience any irritations from them whatsoever. And this eyeshadow palette is one of the reasons why affordable cosmetics are A-OK in my book.

EYESHADOW - With glitter formula, perfect color combination in vivid gloss making your eyes attractive. BLUSHER - Pure and superfine particles, showing a natural rosy blush.


I used to ignore Shawill's eyeshadows because they always seem to be too glittery/shimmery for my taste and I thought they have poor quality until I tried Shawill's Mono Eyeshadows and fell in love with it. So I thought I'd check out their other eyeshadows as well. This palette called Eyeshadow & Blusher with Natural Pure Colors. If I'm not mistaken, they have 4 sets with 8 shimmery/metallic eyeshadows and a blusher in each palette. Some of the shades were a little bright that's why I chose this particular palette of earthy and semi-smokey hues. I bought this for Php 195.00Shawill Cosmetics can be found in all SM Department stores, Watsons, and Landmark. I got palette 004


This palette's packaging looks rather cheap with the black plastic and clear lid but for its price what can you expect? What I like about this is that it's pretty compact. It would fit in any purse and is quite easy to carry around. It's just a bit thick because of the sliding blush compartment under the palette. Other than that, this one's OK.


This has no detectable scent whatsoever. Besides, I rarely see scented eye shadows anyway.


The color pay off of this is what actually prompted me to buy this palette. In one swipe you get 
uh-mazigggngggg color. I was actually impressed by how pigmented these are. Although, a primer or some sort of base is highly recommended because this has a tendency to crease and to fade. Other than that, I am happy with how each shade gives great pigmentation. My favorite is the metallic taupe shade. (3rd on the top row). The blush is great too. Just a little sheer for me but it's buildable and it gave me a nice natural peach glow. It has a subtle pearl finish that made my cheeks look smooth and glowing.


These are so soft and glides on like buttahhh! You just have to be careful with these because there's a little fall out. These may fade quicker and crease on oily lids so a primer is definitely recommended. With a base, these last up to 6 hours on me without fading or creasing and the color still looks great and vibrant. The blush does not last that long. I needed to reapply after a couple of hours.

top row

bottom row


Overall, I am impressed with this palette. I don't mind the creasing and fading because that's something a good primer/base can solve. For the price and amount of product, there's really nothing to complain about. Next time you pass by Shawill Cosmetics counter, I suggest you stop and take a look. You might find some great products you'll love. 

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  1. Thanks for sharing Monika! Shawill has really very pigmented eyeshadow, blush and lipstick. Anyway, I never had the chance to try this out since I still have some palettes around. So I shared your post in this article =)

    Be At Your Gorgeous Best with 500 Pesos featuring SHAWILL

  2. Good to know. I agree that it looks rather cheap in a way. :)

  3. wow those are super pigmented!!! and lovely colors too!

    -Dress Me Up Buttercup