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San San Create Your Own Eyeshadow

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I may not love all of San-San's products but I love most of them. Whenever I see HBC outlets, I make sure I find out what's new. I love San-San's Two-Way cake. In fact, it is a staple in my collection. I even have a back up because they run out of it quickly. I'm also a fan of Allue products and their hair colors. So when I saw the Create Your Own Eyeshadows, I knew I had to check it out. 


San San Create Your Own Eyeshadows come in four sets namely Smokey Hues, Earth Tones, Candy Pastels, and Jewel Colours. Each set has 5 single pan  eye shadows that retail for Php 50.00 each! Gotta love local make up! All of the eye shadows are frosty/shimmery except for Earth Tones which are all matte which is why I was drawn to it. It's very hard to find local brands that carry good matte eye shadows. I bought Deep Earth Brown and Warm Copper Fire so I can also try it for my brows. 


The packaging is very simple - a lightweight light blue  plastic with a clear plastic lid. I feel like it's going to break once I put it inside my kit but for the price I can't really complain, can I? I love that they have names for each shade instead of just a number. It makes it so much easier to remember. I also like that the ingredients are written at the bottom. I wish they could have written the expiry date on here as well. The manufacturing and expiry date are on a sticker that's on the plastic seal which I threw out. 


San San products can sometimes have overwhelming scents but thankfully these do not have a scent.


Deep Earth Brown - a matte warm medium brown

Warm Copper Fire - a matte medium brown with a hint of orange undertone

These shadows didn't pack as much punch when it comes to pigmentation as I hoped it would. It's a little hit and miss. Some of the shadows, especially the matte ones appear light and a little flaky. A primer or a cream base will most definitely improve the color pay off of these shadows. 


OK. So I know I didn't really like them as much in terms of pigmentation because it didn't appear with a lot of color on my lids but now, I found out that they're great to use on the crease and a contour powder for my cheeks! I love using Warm Copper Fire for my crease and Deep Earth Brown for contouring my cheeks.


I feel that the matte shadows are a little difficult to work with compared with the shimmery ones. I experience  some tugging and difficulty in blending these two. They don't necessarily go on like butter on my skin.

As for longevity, I couldn't tell if they lasted long as shadows but they definitely worked great on my brows. I used Warm Copper fire on the inner part of my brows while Deep Earth Brown to fill in the rest. They lasted pretty decently on me. 

(L) Deep Earth Brow, (R) Warm Copper Brown

Overall, I think this is a very promising product. Something that's great to have if you want to add a pop of color to you collection. The Jewel Colours are great. I actually have my eye on Emerald Green. I also like Charcoal Brown from the Smokey Hues set. I would strongly suggest using an eye shadow primer with these to minimize fall out , to make the colors pop, and to make it last.

If you're interested in these, just go to any hbc outlet nearest you or you can check out their Facebook page here.

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