Friday, July 26, 2013

On Mommy's Vanity: Nichido HD Lipsticks

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I am local cosmetics lover.  Not only do I patronize local products because they're cheap but also because I  am amazed by their quality. Some can even rival imported brands in my opinion. Whenever we go to malls, my husband already knows where we'll go first. He calls it "the land of milk and honey" - the beauty section. Thank God for a patient husband who supports me as I hover from one beauty stall to another.Kabisado na nga nya mga make up brands!

Anyway, one of the stalls (I actually go to all of them) I love to check out is Nichido's. I have always been a fan of their lipsticks.  I love the formula of their lipsticks from their Juicy Lips collection to their newest line - the HD lipsticks. (I don't collect all the shades because not all suit me.)


Nichido can be found in all leading department stores. The High Definition (HD) lipsticks line is their newest lipstick collection with 8 shades available. It retails for Php 198.00 and you get 4g of lipstick which I think is a good amount. Another thing I like about it is that it's made in the Philippines. 


Of all the lipstick tubes from local brands, I find this one the most impressive. I love the black and gold  combination because it looks classy. There's also that embossed writing that says 'Nichido' in different fonts. The material itself doesn't feel cheap. It's not made of thin, flimsy plastic material. It feels rather sturdy when twisted up and down.


It has a subtle sweet, kinda vanilla-ish scent which I simply love. It's not overwhelming and nauseating. 


GORGEOUS! I am actually surprised that it's very pigmented when I tried it on. I am not very fond of sheer lipsticks that's why I immediately fell in love with this. It cover my lips beautifully especially Glam Red. One of faves most definitely!


This glides on so well. No tugging issues because it's very creamy. I also love how it feels on my lips. It doesn't feel like it's just sitting on top but actually feels as if it's hugging my lips. Staying power is very impressive too. I put it on at around 11 am, ate late lunch at around 3 pm and it's still there! Though the lipstick itself has faded after 6 hours, it left an even stain on my lips. 

one swipe!

Glam Red on my lips

I cannot stress enough how fond I am of this. From the packaging to its lasting power. I really hope that  they come out with more shades, more  neutrals maybe?

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  1. i have one like that =)

  2. wow! the shade is so cute! i wanna try it out! ^_^

    1. My fave is Glam Red. I think it's the prettiest of all the shades. :)

  3. I'm so envious on how great it looked on you. I tried on Fetish Pink & I didn't like it, ugh. I might give it a try sometime. :)

    1. I tried Fetish Pink too but it didn't really look great as much these two. You should try Glam Red. It's the best out of the bunch. :)

  4. Wow they are so pigmented! Thanks for pointing out that they are made locally, I am a big fan of anything locally produced.

    1. They really are pigmented. I love local products a lot. :) I'm glad to find someone who does too.

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  6. I really like your blog! You feature very nice and affordable products kasi ung ibang blog - sosyal masyado - eh of course, di naman tayo lahat rich talaga and as moms we always have to budget things. This feature on Nichido HD Lipsticks is informative that's why I'm thinking on buying one for myself as a Christmas gift. Type ko ung Glam Red. Thanks girl and Godspeed!