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My Husband's Juenevie After Office Massage Experience


Ms. Michelle Lim of Juenevie: Forever Young was very nice and generous to let us experience one of Juenevie's Treatments. Instead of having the treatment for myself, I thought I'd just give it to my husband. I want him to experience Juenevie's luxurious massage because it's the least I can do to show him how much I appreciate him for being a great husband, father, and provider. I also wanted him to try Juenevie's treatments for men and see what he thinks about it.

So last Thursday, I made an appointment with Juenevie. My husband chose the After Office Massage which I thought was a great choice because he works so hard and I want him to feel relaxed after a long day at work.

Juenevie After Office Massage for Men (90 minutes)

The Juenevie after Office Treatment for Men is the perfect complement to end the day. The warming benefits of heated lava stones woven into the sequences of the Juenevie Signature Massage are a perfect way to end your evening. We proceed to light anti-aging facial rejuvenation and crystal therapy resulting into positively rebalanced body energies and ensure a deep mental relaxation.

My husband's appointment was at 4 P.M. but they arrived at little past 5 o'clock because they had a hard time locating our house and they're coming from Makati which is quite far from where we live. One of my concerns was whether the massage bed would fit in the room or not. And Yes, It did not fit! So our very friendly therapist Miss Odette, did the set up on our bed instead. 

It's impressive that Miss Odette had everything she needed with her - the towels, massage oils, oil burner, and even the portable speaker to set a relaxing mood.

Miss Odette began with body brushing to prep the skin followed by the foot and leg massage. She explained that with the after office massage the focus is on the shoulders, back and legs because these are the parts that usually get strained. 

heated lava stones
So here's what my El Husband thinks: 
  • I appreciate their cleanliness. The towels were clean and they smell fresh. 
  • The therapist, Miss Odette, was very courteous and friendly. She even asked me if the lava stones' heat was bearable for me or not. Clearly she was very mindful of the clients comfort.
  • I loved that Miss Odette takes her time in focusing on every part. I did not feel rushed which really made me feel relaxed. 
  • Eventhough, I was at home it didn't feel like I was. The room was set perfectly. It was very relaxing because of the music and the peppermint aroma in the room.
  • Privacy is very important for me and nothing can be more private than this because it's done at home.
  • It was really the best and perfect way to end my evening. I slept well that night because my stress was literally removed and I felt my muscles loosened up.
  • If you're will to spend for guaranteed physical and mental relaxation then this is highly recommended. (After Office Massage is valued at Php 2,500)

For all the men, especially daddies, who have been working very hard and feel the need to relieve yourself from all the stress at work, I strongly suggest Juenevie's After Office Massage. So whether you're a wife or a daughter, go pamper that very special man in your life with this luxurious massage.  He will surely appreciate and love it. I know, my very special man did. :)

Thank you very much Ms. Michelle Lim and Juenevie: Forever Young!

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  1. Gee! You're one special wife and so loving at that! The photos really show that your husband enjoyed the therapy so much!