Thursday, July 25, 2013

Feature: Universal Gyro Bowl

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I'm not the type of mom who likes on-trend gadgets for babies. One reason is that my daughter simply outgrows them quickly like when my sister bought Yomi the Baby Bullet. I was just able to use it a couple of times because she already learned to chew rice and veggies. It's not really a waste of money. I guess it's just not worth it  because I did not get most out of  the product. 

Lately, I've been hearing a lot about this wonder bowl that's supposedly spill-proof and kid-proof. I thought well, it's just another invention I don't need and probably doesn't work. When my sister gave Yomi the Gyro Bowl, I thought, "Oh no, baka naman masayang lang." But when I let Yomi use the Gyro Bowl, well, it actually works!

Product Claim

Great for kids to have fun while they eat but without the mess!
No matter what position, the inside bowl always remains upright avoiding food to spill over.

  • Lid included
  • Kid-proof gyro bowl
  • Inner bowl rotates 360 degrees
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Virtually indestructible
  • Saves time, less cleaning
  • Use it for non-food items
  • Not microwave-safe

It does turn 360 degrees and the inner bowl remains upright. As you can see in the image below, I held it with one hand and turned it upside down and the food inside did not fall off. Even when held sideways the inner bowl remained in the same position. 

The teal and orange combination makes the bowl attractive to and fit for kids whether your tot is a boy or a girl. I also like the design and the material - it feels sturdy. Yomi dropped it a few times and it did not break. Clean up is also a breeze because any dish washing soap will do. It did nor discolor, kept soapy residue or smell. Once on,  the lid feels secure but is still easy to open.  

With a very energetic and playful toddler like mine, feeding can be a quite messy feat. Yomi likes to eat her favorite Monde Bread Sticks while watching TV or walking/playing around the living room. I tried using a small plate for her but when she carries it around, the Bread Sticks fall all over the place. Most of the time, she just carries the plate around with one hand because her beloved comfort toy is always on the other. With the Gyro Bowl, she can hold it with one hand and there won't be any food scattered on the floor.

All in all, I am pretty pleased with this one. I thought it doesn't work but it does. Although it's not absolutely spill-proof. I think it works well for dry solid foods like cereals without milk or biscuits. If you put anything with milk, soup or sauce, it will spill. You know how very active and playful kids are. If they've made the inner bowl slightly larger and made it microwave-safe this would be a great product. 

I am not sure where to buy it here in the Philippines, I think these can be found in bazaars and online shops.
You can also check out this website: for more info.

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  1. Hi Nikka! N also has the Gyro Bowl and it is indeed leak-proof. I know 2 shops that sell this: Primigravida and The Fawn Shoppe. If you'd allow me to post this URL of the post I also made on Gyro Bowl, it might also add up to the wonderful post you've just made. :)

    1. Oh sure thanks Glaiza! I'm sure that would be helpful. Some say it's not effective daw pero I think it does, just not with liquids kasi they still tend to spill super likot kasi ni Yomi. She even shakes the bowl. But with her biscuits, it doesn't fall off talaga. :)