Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Colour Collection Lipstick from Sample Room

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I certainly had a great day because my Colour Collection Lipstick from Sample Room arrived this morning! Woohoo! The mailman is becoming my best friend these days. He keeps on bringing happy stuff to my doorstep. hihi! Anyhoo, I've been reading a lot about Sample Room for the past months but it was only until last Sunday when I gave it a try. I was very lucky that they have full-size lipsticks on stock and it's in my favorite color! So I grabbed the chance before they run out. They run out of stocks pretty fast, you know. Let me share with you what I think about the lipstick I got.

A luxurious satin lipstick that wraps lips with conditioning color. Infused with Vitamin E and protective sunscreen to soften lips, smoothen lines and prevent chapping. 


Sample Room is giving away free samples of Colour Collection Vitamin E Lipsticks! They're not testers but full-sized lipsticks! They have 3 shades - Kissmark (matte), Pinkinsh Nude (sheer), Red Wine (Satin). When I checked the shades, Kissmark and Pinkish Nude were already our of stock but that's OK since out of the three I am very much interested with Red Wine. You know how much I love my reds. I am lucky I got this for free but it's still very affordable if you buy it full price - each lipstick retails for PHP 330.00. This can be bought from Sample Room or from your friendly neighborhood Tupperware dealer.


The packaging is a very simple yet elegant black and gold plastic tube. Even if it's made of lightweight plastic, this doesn't feel cheap or tacky by any means. 


Colour Collection Vitamin E Lipsticks have a subtle sweet vanilla-ish scent which I absolutely adore! 


As I mentioned, I got Red Wine which is a gorgeous, gorgeous, and did I say gorgeous deep red (no blue undertone). I has a satin formula which means it's in between sheer and matte - not as super glossy as sheer but not as dry as matte. This is actually my FAVORITE finish/formula in a lipstick. As for pigmentation, this is surprisingly opaque. One swipe and you'll get great color


Glides on like butter! Well, that's probably because of the Vitamin E. You just have to be careful because it's a bold color and the formula gives it  a tendency to bleed - a lip liner would be helpful. I love how it does wrap my lips with conditioning color because my lips did not experience any dryness or chapping. Wear time is rather decent. It lasted for 4 hours on me although you'd need to reapply once you eat. 

Look of the Day:

 Colour Collection Vitamin E Lipstick in Red Wine (no lip liner)

Overall, I would have given this 5 kiss marks but because it's a little difficult to find, meaning it's not readily available in malls, I gave it 4 kiss marks. Other than that, I LOVE this lipstick. It's so smooth, non-drying, and the color is gorgeous! Some say this particular shade makes them look old but I think it gives more of that Vampy vibe. I would recommend this though for morenas as Red Wine would really come off too strong for fair women unless that's the look they're going for. I would definitely purchase this in full price! 

Visit Sample Room's Website to get your free samples now!

Colour Collection Vitamin E Lipsticks are available at Tupperware outlets nationwide. 

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  1. Thanks for sharing Monika. Got the same shade too and I'm waiting for MR. Xend today :) Ganda ng shade bagay sayo. Hope bagay din sakin.

    1. Naku I'm sure bagay din sa'yo yan! I really hope you like it too. :) Thanks! :)