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Bench Paint Box Soft Shine Lipstick

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Dahil imbyernadette sembrano ako kay Sweetie last Saturday, I decided to go to the nearest mall to cool off. Naalala ko din na meron nga pla akong GC from Bench so I thought I'd go and use it. I was planning on getting a  blouse or t-shirt but when I got there I saw their make-up stand. The new black tubes caught my attention immediately. Alam nyo naman adik lang ako sa lipstick. So I went on a swatch fest and ended up buying these.

Infused with vitamins and rich fruit extract, Paint Box Soft Shine Lipsticks offer ultra-light and sheer texture that leaves lips feeling soft and smooth for hours.


Bench is like a one-stop shop selling almost everything like clothes, perfume, food , and even make-up. And just recently they updated their make up line called Paint Box which now has BB Compact powder, BB two-way cake, and a wide selection of lipsticks. Their Soft Shine Lipstick has 3 formulas - glossy, satin, and matte. Paint Box Soft Shine lipsticks retail for Php188.00 and you get 3.6g of product. 


Bench revamped their lipstick packaging from the clear square one to a more sophisticated glossy black tube. I prefer this one more because it's not bulky and it looks more posh. They did not feel cheap or flimsy either. Just like their previous lipsticks, these have names for the shades. The type of formula (whether glossy, satin, or matte) is also indicated at the bottom. The manufacturing date and ingredients are written on the box. If you're going to throw away the box, which I'm sure you will, you have to remember the manufacturing date so that you'll know when to toss this out. (usually after 2 years)


I can't quite put my finger on the scent but it's a subtle sweet scent. I am okay with anything sweetly scented as long as hindi sya amoy air-freshener ng taxi. Alam nyo yun? Yung nakakahilong amoy. 


I got Choco Love and Nutty Caramel - both are satin. I thought Choco Love was a pink-brown/mauve but it turns out to be pink with a hint of red on me. Nutty Caramel is an everyday neutral shade that's appears to be peachy/orange on my lips. The color pay off of these are quite OK. They're not very pigmented in my opinion but are definitely buildable. I think this is because these are intended for teenagers and students hence the light  wearable colors. They (satin) have a slight sheen not too glossy or matte- exactly what I like in a lipstick. 


Paint Box Soft Shine Lipsticks really do offer ultra-light and sheer texture that leaves lips feeling soft . They're very moisturizing and comfortable to wear maybe because of the Vitamins C & E and Papaya Extract. I had no difficulty in application except for achieving my desired opacity. I want full not sheer colors so I had to put on a few extra layers to get my desired color. Staying power is average (about 3 hours at the most) and you will need to re-apply after drinking or eating.  

L: Nutty Carame / R: Choco Love
3 layers

If you're not a bold lip kind of person, I definitely recommend these Bench Soft Shine Lipsticks. I gave it 4 kiss marks because I am not a big fan of sheer lipsticks and these can be sheer. They do however feel great on the lips, lightweight and moisturizing. This is definitely worth a try especially of you are a student or even a mom on a budget, or if you're just a lipstick newbie and are still afraid of bright, bold, opaque lipsticks.

Have you tried these yet? What do you think about them?

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  1. Hi! Both shades look nice on you. I have stumbled upon your blog and i'm loving your posts.

  2. It's cheap ah! I think I wanna try the nutty caramel :)

    1. oo nga eh. Natuwa din ako sa presyo. Oo go try mo. Madami pa din sila ibang shades.

  3. Hello po. I just want to ask if after wearing it, hindi po ba nagdry 'yung lips niyo and naging chappy? I'm looking for a brand of lipstick kasi that doesn't make my lips dry and chapped but not much expensive at the same time. Thanks! :)

    1. Hi Tricia! So far hindi nmn nagdry lips ko. No chapping or flaking during and after use. I an just not sure with the matte and glossy formula pero itong satin OK nmn sya for me. :)

    2. Thanks for this review po. I think I will give this one a try! Can you suggest other lipstick brands po na puedeng everyday use but with reasonable price? I'm a college student po kasi and I don't usually wear heavy make-ups. Only powder and lipstick. (sometimes with blush) So I want to keep a "good value" lipstick in my kikay kit. Thank you po! :)

    3. Hi tricia, Well it depends kung anong shade ang like mo. If you like pinks, try mo yung Fashion 21 kasi they have lipsticks with a wide range of colors for less than Php 200 lang. Favorite ko yung Mystic Mauve nila from the Color Mood collection. :)

  4. I was reluctant to buy last time because I was thinking na hindi maganda yung pigmentation since medyo mura siya. But thanks to your review, I'm thinking of trying this. :-)

    1. Hi Hazel! Maganda sya actually mejo sheer lang sya for my taste kasi naco-compare ko sya sa lagi sa Nyx RLS eh I want my lipsticks VERY opaque but these are not super sheer. These are actually great and comfortable to wear. :)