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Be THE Nanay with Nu Moms Malunggay with Folic Acid

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I guess I can say that one of my biggest frustrations as a mom is not being able to breastfeed my daughter. It took me a week before I can produce milk and I produced only 1 oz. on both breasts combined. I drank milk, lots of water, massaged my breasts, and ate Tinola with malunggay (lahat na ata ng may sabaw!) but it was all useless.  I was only able to breastfeed my daughter for 2 weeks. This really made me sad, almost depressed. I remember crying and telling my  husband how detached and useless I felt that time.  I even envied moms who breastfeed their babies. 

But I got over that and I said to myself I am going to do my best to breast feed my next child and take whatever supplements I can just to be able to do that. Because there's nothing I would want more than to give my family the best, MY best. 

This is exactly what Corbridge aims to give moms of today: the power to choose what's best for their health as well as their babies'. Accordingly, as they continuously strive to “bridge healthcare to people”, Corbridge introduces Nu Moms, another breakthrough in the medical field bound to keep mothers and their little ones in top shape. This also how Corbridge shows their support of breastfeeding by putting out supplements like Nu Moms.

Dra. Malou Escobar, an obstetrician and a breast feeding advocate, explained the importance of having proper nutrition during pregnancy. She said that because during pregnancy there is an increased demand for energy and nutrients and sometimes food intake is not enough. 

According to her one of the best potent source of these nutrients is malunggay. I also learned that malunggay leaves is higher in nutritive value than cabbage, lettuce, and spinach; and when malunggay leaves are dried and turned into powder form, its potency increases. Who would've thought that a malunggay leaf has 3 to 5 times more nutrients than a fresh leaf?! Dra. Escobar also added that malunggay leaves are very helpful in increasing breast milk in the breastfeeding months.

Even Mrs. Christine Bersola-Babao, also one of the resource speakers,  recounted how malunggay has helped when she was still breast feeding her two wonderful kids. Because she believes its benefits so much, she even had a malunggay tree planted in their backyard. 

Now what makes Nu Moms different from the other malunggay supplements in the market, you ask? The answer is Folic Acid. It is the only malunggay supplement that has folic acid. Aside from the notable health benefits of malunggay, Nu Moms is also fortified with B vitamins (Folic Acid) that can prevent major birth defects of the baby's brain or spine.

A combination of malunggay and folic acid can help mothers keep pregnancy and child birth implications at bay. It can also be a source of various healthful benefits such as: increased breastmilk production, normalized sugar level, properly maintained liver and kidney, improved food digestion, stronger bones and immune system, smoother skin, clearer eyesight, and good sleep. 

Unmistakably, Nu Moms is the best food supplement for both expecting and nursing mothers. It goes beyond a typical supplement that empowers women to be in the pink of health. Apparently, Nu Moms has a lot MORE!

“Maging bidang nanay sa Nu Moms Malunggay plus Folic Acid”

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  1. matry nga! thanks for sharing sis! =)

    1. go ahead sis! available sya sa Mercury and leading drugstores. :)

  2. maganda ang nu moms malunggay, nakakaganda ng skin at nakakatulong magpadami ng gatas. minsan nga lang hindi availlable sa mercury drug :(

  3. I am 4 years married. And til now we haven't conceive yet. If this typical supplements will help me I will introduce it to my friends here in abroad. Thanks.