Saturday, June 29, 2013

The Plump Pinays

"I think a lot of our anguish over our flaws and weaknesses simply comes from trying to impress ourselves with our own perfection." - Joyce Meyer

I used to weigh 120 lbs. until I got pregnant and everything just went plump from there. I have stretchmarks that can put a zebra to shame, cellulite in every part imaginable, breasts that are not in their perky selves, a belly that jiggles more than Jell-o, and yes, that shameless back fat. To say the least, I became really depressed about my appearance and weight-gain. Everyday, I searched for inspirations to remind me of how beautiful I am despite all the weight I gained and I am very thankful to have stumbled upon Danah and Stacy's blog.

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The Plump Pinay is a blog created by Danah and Stacy to celebrate the true beauty of Filipina women and body acceptance. 

We want you to love your body 'cos it's the only one you've got. We want you to work with it and not fight with it. We want you to share as we share, vent as we vent, about the struggles we've all had due to the booming imperative (and dangerous) persuasion of the media. It's time to be REALLY comfortable in your own skin. What's the big, fat deal anyway?! Let everything bulge out! Embrace that beautiful belly. :) 

They went on brief hiatus to deal with their personal issues but now I am happy that they're back! Their blog is one of my favorites. Reading their posts gave me so much inspiration and helped me accept my body more. I realize that it is much harder to lose weight with all the diet and exercise. I believe loving my body weight and even my imperfections is far easier. 

After all, motherhood is definitely worth that whole slice of chocolate cake. I just have to buy a bigger pair of jeans.

It's about time I embrace my body, back fat and all. :)

greetings from my lovely bulge

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