Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Father's Day Gift Idea for Your Husband

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Father's Day is again just around the corner. The malls are already showcasing different gift ideas fit for every budget. I, being a SAHM, depend on my husband for money. This means that even if I get him a gift it will still technically come out of his pockets. Now, I don't want to give him a gift that he technically bought for himself. I want to give him something unique, free as much as possible, and of course, heartfelt. In this day when everything practically has a price, that seems to be impossible.

I was actually thinking of giving my husband a spa gift certificate because he enjoys getting a massage once in a while; but that would still mean I'd have to spend. So one morning, in the Koreanovela I was watching, one of the characters was giving out customized gift certificates as gifts. I thought that was a brilliant idea. Why don't I just give him a massage myself? I know I do it all the time and it's not even that special. Making my OWN GIFT CERTIFICATE will make it EXTRA special plus I think it's cute. Hahaha! Cheesy or what?! 

Here's a template of the GC I made:

You can create your own design and customize your "treat". I gave my husband a GC for a whole body massage, unlimited hugs and kisses, and a "special gift" (*wink*) on father's day. :) Hey, these are just my examples you don't have to be limited by them. Let your imagination be the limit. 

You can offer to cook him his favorite dish with a twist, to take out the trash, to do the gardening, or to wash the car. Whatever you can give or do to show him that you appreciate all his hard work, love, care, support, and tolerance/patience for your mood swings. It doesn't have to cost you a whole bank account too.

If you are already in a panic because you still do not have a gift for El Hubby, this might be a great idea to try.

Hope this helps! Thanks for dropping by! :)

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